Chrome browser is the most widely used browser on Android. Chrome settings let you enhance your web experience, and Chrome Flags unlock new features. Well, how to access Chrome Flags on Android and the best Chrome Flags for Android? This article of MiniTool Partition Wizard would tell you everything about chrome //flags Android.

Using Chrome flags on Android will improve your web-browsing experience. Well, the following part would tell you how to access Chrome //flags Android and the best Chrome flags. Keep reading.

How to Access Chrome Flags on Android

As with Flags on desktop Chrome, you can see a list of Flags available on Android by typing chrome://flags into the Chrome search bar. After pressing Enter, scroll through the list or use the search bar to find the specific flag you want to try.

Once you find what you want, open the drop-down menu for that flag and select Enabled. Finally, click the Restart button. When Chrome restarts, it will enable the new features.

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Latest Chrome Flags Android

Here we introduce several useful Chrome //flags Android for you.

# 1. Incognito Screenshot

Chrome’s incognito mode is very useful. It allows you to surf the web anonymously without storing your browsing history, cookies, or other site data. However, Chrome does not allow you to capture screenshots in incognito tabs on Android for privacy reasons.

Its flags URL is chrome://flags/#incognito-screenshot.

# 2. Web Feed

Google introduced the Web Feed Flag in Chrome, which allows you to subscribe to websites to see new articles on the Chrome homepage. This feature makes it easier to stay up to date with the latest content from the sites you care about.

After enabling it, a “Follow” button will appear at the bottom of the overflow menu. Updates from the sites you follow appear in a new dedicated feed called Following, accessible from the new tab page.

Its flag URL is chrome://flags/#web-feed.

# 3. Parallel Downloading

Parallel downloading is one of Chrome’s most popular flags. It splits large downloads into smaller parts and downloads them all at the same time, preventing you from losing all your progress in the event of an internet outage.

Multiple connections to download files also reduces demand on the server, resulting in faster downloads in Chrome. After downloading, Chrome will automatically combine these small data packets into the overall download file.

Its flag URL is chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading.

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# 4. Read Later Reminders Notification

Read Later List lets you save articles and webpages to read later in Chrome. It’s organized in such a way that newer pages are at the top and older pages are at the bottom.

Read Later Reminder Notification badge lets you set a weekly reminder to display all unread pages in the Read Later list. This way, you can get it done on a regular basis to make sure nothing is permanently forgotten.

Its flag URL is chrome://flags#read-later-reminder-notification.

# 5. Heavy Ad Intervention

In order to reduce excessive advertisements on web pages, Google proposed a new Chrome Flag called “Heavy Ad Intervention”. It uninstalls ads that use too much Android smartphone device resources. Basically, Chrome now pays attention to ads and will automatically block them whenever it finds them to be detracting from your browsing experience.

Its flag URL is chrome://flags#enable-heavy-ad-intervention.

In addition to the above flags, there are some that are also useful. For example:

  • Device Reauthentication for Incognito
  • Biometric Reauth for Password Filling
  • Offer Save and Autofill of UPI/VPA Values
  • Accessibility Page Zoom
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Bottom Line

Those flags can improve your web-browsing experience. You can use the flag that may be helpful for you. If you want to better manage partitions or disks on Windows PCs, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard. It can help you create/delete/extend/format/wipe partitions and other advanced functions such as data recovery, partition recovery, disk benchmark, OS migration, and so on.

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