Oculus Quest 2 is one of the latest and greatest VR headsets on the market. It provides a completely wireless experience and is perfect for social VR applications like VRchat. Can you play VRChat on Oculus Quest 2? How to use VRChat on Oculus Quest 2? If you are still trying to figure out these questions, this post of MiniTool Partition Wizard is what you need.

VRChat is a free-to-play massively multiplayer VR game based on social interaction, but you can also play it on a PC without a VR component. The base game provides a framework for users to upload worlds that other players can access and avatars that other players can use.

VRChat for Quest is the same as the original VRChat for PC, and Quest players can interact with PC players, with some limitations.

Can You Play VRChat on Oculus Quest 2

Can you play VRChat on Oculus Quest 2? Of course, the answer is Yes. But VRChat on Oculus Quest 2 has some limitations. They include:

  1. Graphics: The biggest limitation of VRChat on Quest is the graphics. The app’s graphics are not as intense as the PC version, so you may notice some blurry textures or jagged edges.
  2. Avatars and Worlds: Another limitation is that you can only use Quest-compatible avatars and worlds. You cannot use PC-only avatars or worlds on Oculus Quest 2. When you encounter a player using a PC-only avatar or world, you’ll see a floating robot with no legs instead of the player’s actual avatar.

You also cannot use certain features on Oculus Quest 2 that are available on your PC, such as a web browser.

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How to Play VRChat on Quest 2

VRChat plays the same way on Quest 2 as it does on PC, the only exception being that you can’t access PC-only worlds or use PC-only avatars. Same interface, same controls, and you can even meet and interact with PC players.

To get you started, we’ll go over the basic controls, show you how to find custom avatars for the Quest version of the game, and find new worlds to visit. You don’t have to go through all of these steps, but doing so will get you started in the game.

Step 1: Download VRChat from the Oculus Store.

Step 2: Once the app is installed, open it and log in with your Oculus account. Then, create your starting avatar.

Step 3: You can use an existing avatar or create a new avatar for the initial startup process.

Step 4: After creating an avatar, you can explore different worlds or chat with friends.

Step 5: In the starting area, approach an avatar stand if you want to swap avatars.

Step 6: You should choose an avatar that is compatible with Oculus Quest. The green avatar is the PC icon, so just go with the blue avatar.

After this, select the menu and search for the word. For example, if you don’t like a certain avatar on the avatar platform, you can search the avatar world to get the avatar world.

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How to Play VRChat for PC on Oculus Quest

To play VRChat for PC on your Quest, the only option is to run the game on a VR enabled PC and connect your Quest via cable or virtual desktop. The game runs on your computer, and the Quest acts as the headset. The easiest way is to use the Steam version of VRChat and SteamVR.

Here’s how to play VRChat for PC on your Quest:

  1. Download and install the Steam version of VRChat. And download and install SteamVR.
  2. Open the Meta Quest application on your PC. Connect the headset via the link cable.
  3. Start SteamVR and make sure it sees your headset and controllers.
  4. Start VRChat and play it on your headset.

Since the game runs on your PC, you'll be able to use PC-only avatars and access PC-only worlds. The performance will depend on your PC's specifications.

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