To make sure you can have the best gaming experience on your TV, you may consider modifying some of the TV settings. What are the best TV settings for gaming? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard provides detailed information about how to set your TV best for gaming. Just keep reading.

When you have a new TV and consider playing your PS4 or Xbox games on it, you may make some changes to your TV settings so that you can improve the gaming experience. Below, this post summarizes certain common TV settings for gaming. If you are curious about what are the best TV settings for gaming Xbox One or PS4, you can keep an eye on the following content.

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Game Mode

Nowadays, plenty of manufacturers offer Game Mode on TV. It can reduce the input lag and increase the response time of the TV by turning off unnecessary image processing. So, when it comes to the best TV settings for gaming PS4 or Xbox One, the first thing you can do is enable Game Mode. The Game mode settings may differ depending on the TV brands. You can get more details from your TV manufacturer.

Not every TV is designed with Game Mode. If your TV is one without this feature, you should adjust the best TV settings for gaming Xbox One or PS4 manually.

Picture Settings

There are the best TV picture settings for gaming. Let’s take a look.


The color setting is only available on about every modern television. It’s a useful TV setting to adjust the color saturation levels. Usually, one of the best TV picture settings for gaming is to set the color at 50%. Additionally, you can set it according to your game’s needs as well.


In general, many games have their own brightness setting to bring an immersive experience during the gameplay. If you want to change the brightness based on your preference, you can try changing your TV’s brightness setting. The recommended brightness setting for gaming is 50%. Of course, you can also set a different percentage. It’s all up to you.


It’s recommended to change the backlight setting according to the lighting condition of the place where you settle the TV.

Tint (G/R)

Tint is referred to as G/R. By changing the Tint setting, you can decide how red or how green the images on your TV screen look. If you set it too low or too high, the images will look strange. The best TV Tint setting for gaming at zero.


On some TVs, the Tint setting is different and should be set at 50%.


The sharpness setting will make changes to the visible edges on your TV screen. Setting the sharpness to a reasonable level will help you get a quality picture output from the game. For most TVs, the sharpness setting should be set to 0%.


The contrast setting is another TV picture setting you ought to adjust for gaming. It’s better to set the contrast at an instead high level. We recommend you set it at 70 ~ 80%. If you want to find the optimal contrast setting by yourself, you can first set the contrast to 100% and then decrease it little by little until you can see details in the brightest areas.

Advanced TV Settings for Gaming

In addition to the best TV picture settings for gaming, some advanced TV settings should also be customized.

  • MotionFlow and TrueCinema (Usually on Sony TVs): Off
  • Noise Reduction: Off
  • Super Resolution (Usually on LG TVs): Off
  • Dynamic Contrast (Contrast Enhance): Off
  • Gamma: 2.2
  • Edge Enhancer: Off

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Are you looking for the best TV settings for gaming PS4 or Xbox One? If so, this post is worth reading. If you have any other wonderful ideas about the best TV settings for gaming, you can share them with us in the comment part below.

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