Microsoft Copilot is a powerful feature and you can use it in Edge for free. How to enable Copilot in Edge and use it? In this post, Partition Magic will offer you a guide. Follow it to enjoy this feature.

Can You Use Copilot in Edge?

Microsoft Copilot is a chatbot developed by Microsoft and launched on February 7, 2023. Based on a large language model, it is able to cite sources, create poems, and write songs.

The service was introduced under the name Bing Chat, as a built-in feature for Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge. But later, Microsoft unified the Copilot branding across its various chatbot products.

At present, Microsoft Copilot has been introduced into various Microsoft products like Windows, Edge, Office, etc.

Can you use Copilot in Edge? Is Copilot available to you? The Copilot feature is natively provided in Microsoft Edge. You can use it for free. In newer versions of the Microsoft Edge web browser (v118.0 and later), Microsoft has replaced the Bing Chat icon with a new Copilot button.

You can even use the Copilot feature in Google Chrome and you just need to install the Bing Chat for All Browsers extension.
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How to Enable Copilot in Edge

Some people may want to know how to enable Copilot in Edge. This way is very simple. You just need to open Edge and then click the Copilot icon in the upper right corner or the right area of the search bar. Or you can use the Ctrl+Shift+. hotkey to call out the Copilot feature.

enable Copilot

Besides, if you don’t see the Copilot icon in the upper right corner, you can click the three-dot icon and go to Settings > Sidebar. Under App and notification settings, click the Copilot option and then turn on the Show Copilot option.

show Copilot
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How to Use Copilot in Edge – 3 Key Features

What can you do with Copilot in Edge? In this part, I will show you how to use Copilot in Edge.

#1. Summarize a Webpage

  1. Open a webpage and then open Copilot.
  2. In the chat box, type “generate a page summary”, “summarize this page”, or other similar words. Then, a window pops up asking you to allow Microsoft to access page content. Click Confirm and continue chatting.
  3. Then, you will see the summary.
Copilot generate a summary

#2. Summarize a Video

  1. Open a YouTube video or a Vimeo video (videos on some websites may not support Copilot’s summary feature).
  2. Open Copilot and change the conversation style to Creative.
  3. Then, you can ask it to summarize this video, but you need to say what point you need. For example: “summarize this video for NVMe SSD” or something like that.
summarize a video
Some people may also use it to analyze an image.

#3. Compose Paragraphs, Emails, Ideas, and Blog Posts

Under the Compose tab, you can use Copilot to help you generate paragraphs, emails, ideas, and blog posts. You just need to write down your topic and then select the tone, format, and length. It will generate a draft for you.

copilot compose
Under the Insights tab, you can see the website overview, the latest posts, key points, analytics, and more information regarding the web page you view.
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Bottom Line

Do you know other useful features of the Microsoft Copilot in Edge? If so, contact me and I will update my post.

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