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How to Merge C Drive in Windows 10 to Enlarge the Boot Partition

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    When running Windows 10 Technical Preview, users may meet different kinds of problems. Next, let’s see an example.
    Problem: one of my laptops is running Windows 10 with all necessary programs installed on C drive. Since I did not allocate much space for this partition, now it is running in low disk space while D drive has lots of free space. So how can I merge C drive in Windows 10 with its neighboring partition?

    For lossless merging, users need a third party partition manager rather than system built-in disk management tool for the latter requires users to delete an exiting drive. Nevertheless, as Windows 10 is the latest OS of Microsoft, many programs haven’t got compatibility with it or can not run well in this operating system. Aiming at this situation, we suggest using the professional partitioning tool MiniTool Partition Wizard to merge C drive in Windows 10, because it perfectly supports Windows 10 Technical Preview and does partitioning operations perfectly.

    How to Merge C Drive in Windows 10 with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Firstly, launch the partition manager to get the main interface which is shown below:

    minitool partition wizard main window

    Then, select a partition to unfold partitioning operations and choose “Merge Partition” from the left pane.

    merge c drive windows 10 select c drive

    Next, choose the partition which needs extending, namely drive C, and click “Next>”. Then, select one of the neighboring partitions and click “Finish”.

    Tip: both the partition which needs expanding and the partition which will be included should be NTFS. If not, convert them to NTFS via the function “Convert FAT to NTFS”; moreover, all files in partition E will be saved to a folder and then saved to partition C automatically.

    merge c drive windows 10 apply change

    Now, we can see E drive has been merged to C drive, so please click “Apply” button to execute all changes. After that, to merge C drive in Windows 10 will be completed.

    If your Windows 10 partition is also running out of space, extend it by merging it with the neighboring partition. And the partition manager MiniToo Partition Wizard can help realize lossless merging.