Migrate OS to SSD/HD VS. Copy Disk in Partition Wizard

Migrate OS to SSD/HD is a very powerful feature in MiniTool Partition Wizard all editions, so does Copy Disk. But many users are confused about their similarities and differences. This article tells Migrate OS VS. Copy Disk.

Similarities between Migrate OS & Copy Disk

1. Both Migrate OS to SSD/HD and Copy Disk support basic disk only.

2. Both Migrate OS to SSD/HD and Copy Disk clone the source data to another drive instead of migrating data. Thus you will get two copies of the same data when either operation completes.

3. Both Migrate OS to SSD/HD and Copy Disk requires a reboot to complete their tasks.

4. Both Migrate OS to SSD/HD and Copy Disk permit booting from the target/destination drive after your have finished the operations.

Differences between Migrate OS & Copy Disk

Migrate OS to SSD/HD only clones the system related partitions shown as "Active & Boot" and "System" (image attached), while Copy Disk clones the whole drive, i.e. all partitions. Thus, the former one can be regarded as system backup and the latter one, disk backup.

Migrate OS VS. Copy Disk

wraning Note:
1. No matter if you are going to carry out Migrate OS to SSD/HD or Copy Disk, you should know that the destination drive will be erased, so a backup in advance is necessary if there is any important data on the destination drive.

2. Migrate OS to SSD/HD and Copy Disk require that the source disk and target disk are coincidence in hard disk sector size, otherwise the operations will fail. How do you know whether they have same sector size? Well, you can turn to "Disk Property" for help.

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