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How to Change Dynamic Volumes of My PC to Primary Partitions

  • Problem: I’m running Windows XP Professional on dynamic disk and want to dual boot Windows 7 Home Premium. Nevertheless, it seems that I can not install Windows 7 on dynamic volumes – "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation". How to change dynamic volumes of my PC to primary partitions?

    Solution: Windows 7 Home Premium indeed can not be installed on volumes of dynamic disk but on primary partitions of basic disk. Windows XP disk management provides a function to convert dynamic volumes to basic partitions, but it requires users to delete all existing volumes. That is to say users will suffer data loss. Therefore, it is highly suggested that users turn to third party partitioning tools.

    Well then, which partitioning program can help complete lossless disk conversion? Here, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard. It requires so simple operations, and there is no need to delete any volume. Take the following steps if you are troubled by the problem how to change dynamic volumes of PC to Primary partitions.

    Note: MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition does not support dynamic disk. For this support, users need to download professional edition at least.

    How to Change Dynamic Volumes of PC to Primary Partitions

    Firstly, run MiniTool Partition Wizard to get its main interface:

    Then, select the dynamic disk from disk map and choose the function "Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic" from the left pane.

    Now we can see disk type has become dynamic, but it is only a preview effect. To get the real effect, please click "Apply" button on the top to apply all changes.

    Note: since we are operating the disk which is being used, partitioning tool will ask us to reboot computer. Just do as told, and then MiniTool Partition Wizard will perform changes in boot mode. When all operations are completed, the computer will reboot. At this time we can say the problem how to change dynamic volumes of PC to primary partitions has been solved.