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Dynamic disk convertor without data loss

  • Several months ago, I converted my basic disk to dynamic due to mistaken operation. At the beginning of time, everything went OK, but a big problem emerged when I planned to dual boot Windows: Windows 7 Home Premium can not be installed and I was prompted to convert dynamic disk to basic. I have tried to convert it back by using the function "Convert to Basic Disk", but it is grayed out:

    What’s the reason? And I need a dynamic disk convertor which can help convert dynamic disk to basic without data loss. All advice appreciated.

    Why Windows Snap-in Dynamic Disk Convertor Failed

    From Microsoft we know the function "Convert to Basic Disk" built-in Disk Management works only when there is no volume on hard disk. That is to say users have to delete all volumes in advance and suffer from data loss.

    Dynamic Disk Convertor That Can Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic without Data Loss

    Now that Windows built-in convertor can not meet actual demands, users should ask third-party dynamic disk convertor for help, and here MiniTool Partition Wizard is highly suggested. With this program, users can complete conversion without deleting any data or partition and in one step. Next, let’s see how to convert dynamic disk to basic without data loss.

    Convert Disk with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Firstly, launch the dynamic disk convertor to open its main interface shown below:

    Then, select the disk which needs converting to basic and click the function "Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic" to get the following interface:

    Now, we can preview the selected dynamic disk becomes a basic disk, but this effect hasn’t been applied to computer. Please click "Apply" button in toolbar to apply all changes. After application, we can say users have been successful to convert dynamic disk to basic without data loss.

    If users also convert basic disk to dynamic by mistake, now convert it back by using the dynamic disk convertor MiniTool Partition Wizard. There is no need to delete any partition or data, absolutely easy and safe.

    Note: users should purchase MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition to convert dynamic disk for free edition does not support dynamic disk.