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export Skype chat history

You can view Skype chat history online for recent conversations, but sometimes you may need to download and export Skype chat history to back up your records or for other purposes. In today’s article, MiniTool wants to share you with a full guide to do so.

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In the last version of Skype, you can export Skype chat history directly as there is an option that included in the client to perform this task. However, this option was removed from Skype on Windows 10. So, many users ask how to export Skype chat history on Windows 10.

Keep reading the following part, you will get a full guide to download a backup of your Skype chat history on Windows 10, as well as the to view the Skype chat history you request.

How to Export and Download a Copy of Skype Chat History on Windows 10

To download a backup of your Skype chat history, follow the detailed steps below.

Tip: Here we want to recommend you a powerful backup software MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can use it to back up your folders, partitions, and even the whole hard disk.

Step 1. Open the Skype web page from here and sign in your account.

Step 2. In the Export files and chat history page, check the Skype chat history Windows 10 you want to export, including your Conversations and Files. After that, click on the Submit Request button.

click the Submit request button

Step 3. Then click the Continue button.

Step 4. Click the Download button on the upper right corner.

download the copy of your Skype chat history

Tip: This process to download the backup of your Skype chat history may take you some time. This is because you need to download the archive on Skype, and keep refreshing the Export files and chat history page until you see the Download button.

When you download Skype chat history completely, you will see a .tar file that contains the backup of the files and chat history you requested.

Now, you may raise the question “how to open the chat and file history from Skype?” Just move on to the next part.

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How to View the Chat and File History from Skype You Requested

As there is not an interface to open the Skype .tar files on Windows 10, you have to extract the contents of the file by using Command Prompt. Here is how to do that:

Step 1. Press Win + R keys to call out the Run dialog box. Then type cmd in the box and hit Enter.

Step 2. In the Command Prompt window, type the cd c: \path\to\tar command that can change the path of the Skype .tar file and hit Enter.

Step 3. Then type the tar -xvfYOURFILENAME_export.tar command to export the contents of the Skype backup and hit Enter.

run tar -xvfYOURFILENAME_export.tar

Note: In this command, replace YOURFILENAME with the name of your file.

Step 4. Download and install the Skype JSON viewer that makes it is easier to view.

Step 5. Double click the index.html file to open the software on your web browser.

Step 6. On the web page, click the Browse button and select the messages.json files containing your extracted Skype chat history file.

Step 7. Click the Open and Load button.

After finishing all the above steps, you can view your Skype chat history on the right by clicking each conversion.

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