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Resize UEFI Windows 8 System Partition

  • UEFI is popular nowadays, so lots of users replace the traditional MBR+BIOS system combination with brand new GPT+UEFI system combination, facilitating the use of computer and large-capacity hard drive. Unfortunately, although GPT+UEFI system combination is very excellent, users still encounter various problems during using process. For instance, when Windows 8 installed on the basis of UEFI has partition space lack, how to resize UEFI Windows 8 system partition? A brief introduction is given to answer this question. Let’s learn the definition of UEFI firstly.

    What is UEFI?
    The full name of UEFI is “Unified Extensible Firmware Interface”. It is a standard describing brand new type of interface in detail and is regarded as the product replacing famous traditional BIOS. UEFI is used together with GPT hard drive generally. As everybody knows, compared with the familiar MBR, the GPT hard drive partition framework has lots of outstanding advantages. For instance, the hard drive using GPT partition framework can support volume as large as 18 EB (MBR only supports volume within 2TB), and the GPT doesn’t limit partition quantity (MBR supports at most four primary partitions). However, since the traditional BIOS has certain limitations, users can’t experience advantages of GPT partition framework under BIOS system, let alone boot Windows operating system through GPT system partition. Luckily, the emergency of UEFI changes this situation. As the replacer of traditional BIOS, UEFI is favored by computer manufacturers and users because of the features such as powerful expansibility, compatibility and easy-to-use operation. Along with the popularity of Windows 8, UEFI gradually own more users. When users encounter system partition space lack under UEFI Windows 8 system partition, how to resize UEFI Windows 8 system partition?

    The best way to resize UEFI Windows 8 system partition
    To resize UEFI Windows 8 system partition manually, users need to employ a piece of professional partition magic software completely supporting UEFI and GPT. As highly recommended, the powerful MiniTool Partition Wizard is worth owning. This software not only completely supports the brand new UEFI+GPT system combination, but also has features such as powerful functions and simple operations, so it can help complete almost all Windows 8 partition management operations with ease, including resize UEFI Windows 8 system partition.
    After users download MiniTool Partition Wizard via https://www.partitionwizard.com/ and install it, start this professional partition magic software to see the main interface below:

    Since the UEFI Windows 8 operating system is running out of space, users need to resize UEFI Windows 8 system partition. If unallocated space exists behind Windows 8 system partition, users can use "Move/Resize Partition" function. But if no unallocated space exists behind adjacent location of Windows 8 system partition, please choose "Extend Partition" and then fast and safely resize UEFI Windows 8 system partition by following the detailed operating prompts.

    If you are using UEFI-GPT system combination, to better manage computer partitions, adopting powerful MiniTool Partition Wizard is undoubtedly the best choice.