The Xbox Series X was unveiled at The Game Awards on December 13, 2019. This device represents "Project Scarlett", as a flagship console set to power the next-generation of console games. In this post, MiniTool will show you everything we know so far about the Xbox Series X.


The Xbox Series X hasn’t been fully detailed in terms of specs, but Microsoft has offered some target comparisons. This company generalized the power increase as “four times” higher than the Xbox One X.

Some people have inferred the following specifications from the latest information:

ProcessorCustom AMD Zen 2-based CPU (8x @ 3.6 GHz)
GraphicsCustom AMD Navi-based GPU (12 TF RDNA)
Memory16GB GDDR6 RAM (13GB guaranteed for game developers)
StorageNVMe SSD (read speed up to 2GB/s)
Video output8K, 4K @ 120Hz
Optical drive4K Blu-ray
PortsOne front-facing USB Type-A; Unknown
ColorMatte Black
Size30cm x 16cm x 16cm (estimate)
Release dateHoliday 2020

The total number of ports is unsure, but it seems that the USB Type-A port still exists on the front, and you can expect an HDMI port on the reverse.

As for the size of the Xbox One X, although Microsoft hasn’t released official dimensions yet, extrapolating from the various standard ports, this device seems to be approximately 310 mm x 160 mm x 160 mm.

Compared to Xbox One X whose size is 300 mm x 240 mm x 60 mm, the Xbox Series X has a far larger volume, so that it can accommodate airflow and the technology inside it. In this way, it can be virtually silent while powering next-gen cutting edge visuals.

Features and Improvements

  1. Faster game loading speed: Microsoft has made comments about improving load speeds and access to your games through the Xbox Series X. it’s said that Microsoft plans to shorten game loading time to mere seconds via NVMe SSD, and reduce installation time through Project XCloud game streaming.
  2. Improved controller: The new controller has a revised, more tactile d-pad inspired by the Xbox Elite controllers, and a clip and screenshot sharing button. It is said to be a little smaller and lighter. In addition, it has revised triggers, with grippy textures as standard.
  3. Enhanced graphics: This console is capable of 120 FPS, complete with variable refresh rates for compatible displays, with support for up to 8K resolutions. 4K resolution with 60 FPS will be a baseline standard. In addition, this device will also feature hardware-accelerated ray tracing which produces real-time dynamic reflections and shadows, elevating the depth of your games.
  4. Faster response speed: Microsoft is baking in some advanced features like proprietary variable rate shading (VRS), auto low latency mode (ALLM), and dynamic latency input (DLI) to make Xbox Series X the “most responsive” console ever built.
  5. Game Core OS: It seems likely that Game Core OS will be exclusive to Scarlett consoles. Many features in Xbox Series X console will come as part of the new Game Core OSdeveloper environment, and will require the use of DirectX 12. In addition, to leverage some of the advanced visual features, developers will have to target Game Core OS especially.
  6. Other features: Features like rumble triggers will return. All of your current headsets, controllers, and other Xbox One-compatible accessories will work on the Series X, too. The Xbox Series X will be able to suspend and resume multiple games at once.
The Xbox Project Scarlett Video Shows Microsoft's Next-gen Xbox
The Xbox Project Scarlett Video Shows Microsoft's Next-gen Xbox

Xbox Project Scarlett is a high-end box, which will be released in2020. The Project Scarlett video shows how chic and powerful the new console will look.

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Compatibility, Price, and Launch Date

Microsoft has invested more than ever in first-party content moving into next-gen. this company has confirmed that every single game that runs on Xbox One, will work on the Xbox Series X, including OG Xbox games and Xbox 360 games that are backward compatible.

As for its price, we don’t expect it to be cheap, because the Xbox One X launched at $499 in 2017, and we live in a world where Apple can sell a $1000+ iPhone without controversy. However, fan expectations seem to still put it in the $499 range.

In addition, it’s said that the Xbox Series X is indeed part of a series of consoles, and will be accompanied by a less-powerful, cheaper version currently codenamed “Lockhart”.

The Xbox Series X will launch in “Holiday 2020”, and preorders will likely go live before the summer of 2020, perhaps announced at E3 2020 in June.

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