Xbox Series X vs PC: which is better? To choose a suitable device, you need to learn them respectively and know the difference between them. MiniTool provides you with detailed information about gaming PC vs Xbox Series X.

Games can be played on various platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android., etc. Given that fact, plenty of gamers don’t know which device to choose.

They make many comparisons before make a purchase. For instance, you may see titles like Xbox Series X vs Series S, Xbox Series X vs PS5, PS5 vs PC, and Xbox Series X vs PC while browsing websites.

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If you would like to learn the difference between computers and Xbox Series X, this post is worth reading. It talks about PC vs Xbox Series X from several aspects.

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Xbox Series X, released in November 2020, is selling well. Hence, Xbox Series X is in restock for a long time. If you want to buy it, you may need to wait for some times.

The Xbox Series X includes some features that can’t be found on computers. For instance, Quick Resume stores the play state of multiple games inside the system’s memory so that you can hop back in a flash.

Xbox Series X vs Gaming PC: Games

Thanks to its backward compatibility, the Xbox Series X is compatible with every Xbox One game, numerous Xbox 360 games, and original Xbox games. For PC, though most Xbox One games are already available on PCs, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox had more than their fair share of beloved exclusives.

However, PC gamers can fully make use of their Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, download some PC-exclusive titles. Not every Xbox One game on Game Pass works on PC, but many of them do. All Xbox Series X games will work on computers.

Besides, the Xbox Series X controller is fully compatible with computers, streaming boxes and mobile phones.

Xbox Series X vs Gaming PC: Hardware Capabilities

Although the architecture of the Xbox Series X is largely the same as a modern gaming PC, there are some obvious differences between them. The CPU of the console is a custom Zen 2 chip that can run at either 3.8GHz or 3.6GHz when SMT (simultaneous multi-threading) isn’t active.

The console’s GPU is also a custom RDNA2 chip with 52 Compute Units, each running at a 1.825GHz clock speed. Besides, the GPU comes with ray-tracing capabilities that can use up to 10GB of the Xbox Series X’s total memory.

The 10GB memory runs at 560GB/s, while the rest 6GB gets shared between the OS and the games running at the speed of 336GB/s. The built-in 1TB custom SSD of Xbox Series X deliver speed up to 4.8GB/s.

As for the gaming PC, it must be equipped with 16GB memory at least to run the latest games at higher resolutions without stutters. Moreover, a decently feature-rich motherboard is required. In addition to that, you should try your best to get an 80+ certified power supply like the Cooler Master 750W, a PCIe 4.0 1TB SSD, etc.

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Xbox Series X vs PC: Upgrade

Technology develops quickly. It is possibly that Microsoft releases new updates for Xbox in a few years. Hence, you should consider upgrade options of two devices while buying. For the gaming PC, you can upgrade every component easily to improve its performance.

You get limited upgrade options on Xbox Series X. To be specific, you are only allowed to upgrade the storage space and not the chip or graphics card. Hence, you need to buy a new console if you want to upgrade your device.

Xbox Series X vs Gaming PC: Price

Compared with a gaming PC, the Xbox Series X cheaper (about $500). Generally speaking, custom-built gaming PCs are more expensive than mass-produced consoles. With the price of the Xbox Series X, you may build an extremely bare-bones gaming PC.

Then the PC won’t match the power of a CPU, GPU, or SSD on the Xbox Series X. To build a powerful gaming PC, you need to prepare enough budget.

PC vs Xbox Series X: Warranty and After-sales

Last but not least, you should also pay attention to warranty and after-sales service of the two devices. If they fail to work, you can contact their customer service.

You can only get one year of warranty for the Xbox Series X console. It is hard to extend the warranty to three years with retailers. Differently, you will get a warranty for every component you buy for the customized gaming PC.

Tip: Most PC components offer a warranty of three years, and some even offer 5-10 years of warranty.  

Bottom Line

PC vs console gaming: which one do you prefer? You can make your choice after thinking about the difference between them and your condition.

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