In the online world, information providers should be serious and guarantee the correctness of their info, especially in the tech field. And, readers should be polite and give rational comments on what they see. The following report is from a professional disk partition tool provider MiniTool.

“The Verge PC build” is about a PC building video that comes from the famous tech news site The Verge. The video was published on YouTube on September 13, 2018. If you haven’t heard about the event, you may wonder why the video deserves mention here. Was the video very helpful? Or, in the video, was a record or miracle was made? Oh no! You are wrong! On the contrary, it may mislead some beginners on how to build a PC.

The Verge How to Build a PC

The thing is that the video’s purpose is to teach people, especially novices, how to build a gaming PC. Yet, it seems that the Verge PC build guy isn’t professional and he made many mistakes according to the large number of comments followed on later. Thus, the video fails.

The Verge PC Build Response

There came into being a lot of responses to the Verge PC build video and the responses are in various forms, such as direct comments on the video on YouTube (which was closed soon), criticizations in YouTube video form made by others (e.g. a video named “The Verge: How NOT to Build a Computer”), review articles and news reports written by websites, topics created on forums (e.g. Reddit), etc.

The Verge: How NOT to Build a Computer

The Verge PC Build Reddit

On Reddit, there are a great many topics about the PC building event of The Verge. Some topics are excited and are created with personal motions. The creators are shocked about so many mistakes that were made in the video and some even mocked the journal and journalist. All is due to that the Verge is a big famous tech journal; it should give its readers or audience the advanced or at least the right tech guides. Yet, the video did the opposite thing. So, the netizens have such a feverish reaction. 

The Verge PC Build Reddit

Verge 2000 Dollar PC Build

Among all the mistakes and improprieties, some audiences focus on the cost of the equipment used for this PC building. Most of them think that it won’t cost $2000 to build a computer. Others, viewing the real components the guy uses to build a PC, think they don’t worth that much. Anyhow, compared with the technical mistake, the price problem does not matter that much.

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What Happened to the Verge PC Build Guy?

The PC build guy names Stefan Etienne. From the official website of The Verge, the introduction to him is “tech journalist, student, photographer and gentleman”. “Student’, can this be a reason for his unprofessional? Some people can accept this while others not. And, “gentleman”, hardly see introduction using this word, does this mean Stefan is still a good person though he made a bad PC building video?

Also, we can see from the author page of Stefan on The Verge, the latest article he writes is on April 6, 2020. Since then, four months have passed and no new update. Compared with the update frequency of his old posts, it seems that he doesn’t write to The Verge anymore.

Moreover, let’s see the biography of Stefan on Twitter, “Student, photographer, gamer, tech journalist. I enjoy food, tech, and games a bit too much. Freelance E: [email protected] | Former: TC, Verge, CNN | 23”. If the “23” is his age currently, then, in 2018, he is only 21 when he made the PC building video on The Verge. And, there is “Former: TC, Verge, CNN” that indicates that doesn’t write to The Verge anymore.

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Let’s go back to September 2018, when the how to build a pc video from the verge was put online, the audience began to find the mistakes in the video and leave comments, while some people mocked at the video and even the journal and the journalist. With more and more people get to know the video, the comments are increasing and derive to other forms like review videos. Both the journal and the journalist are under pressure. The comment section is closed, then the original video is unavailable on YouTube together with some review videos. 

This didn’t stop the expansion of the event. Finally, it even involves the “racial discrimination” talk since Stefan is of black skin. Until now, about 2 years have passed, once in a while, “the Verge PC build” event will be mentioned online. Yet, the paired article tutorial of The Verge is still online but with the content corrected and the video removed. And, the PC build video is available on DailyMotion.

The Verge PC Build Guide

Was the Verge PC Build a Joke?

Some people think it is for they obviously mocked at the mistakes in the video and even make videos to review the mistakes. Yet, some people don’t think so; they just correct the mistakes in order to avoid the newcomers learning the wrong guide. 

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