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It is really annoying to get the error message "the program can’t start because steam_api64.dll is missing from your computer" while trying to run a game on Steam. Don’t worry. MiniTool introduces top 3 solutions to this error and you can have a try.

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Some Steam users report that when they try to launch a game on Steam, an error message about steam_api64.dll missing pops up. It says:

  • The program can’t start because steam_api64.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
  • The code execution cannot proceed because steam_api64.dll was not found.

If you receive the similar error, you can try the following methods to fix the problem.

Solution 1: Verify Your Game Files in Steam

When you receive the error message “The program can’t start because steam_api64.dll is missing from your computer”, you can use the Steam feature “verify integrity of game files” to restore missing steam_api64.dll file.

Step 1: Click LIBRARY in Steam.

Step 2: Right-click the game which gives the error message in your list of games, and then click Properties.


verify integrity of game files

Step 4: Wait for a while. Once the process is complete, click CLOSE.

Then you can launch the game again and check if steam_api64.dll missing error has been solved.

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Solution 2: Copy the File from Another Computer

Alternatively, to fix the error that steam_api64.dll was not found or missing, you can copy the file from another computer. Pay attention that the computer needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Running the same operating system (Windows version) as your computer does.
  • With the same game installed.

To check the version of Windows on a computer, you can go to Control Panel > System and Security > System. Make sure the two computers are the same in Windows edition and System type.

check operating system

Then you can copy steam_api64.dll file from the other computer. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: On the other computer, press Win + E to open File Explorer.

Step 2: Navigate to the Steam folder. By default, it is in C:\Program Files\Steam.

Step 3: Type steam_api64.dll in the search box to find the file quickly.

Tip: When you find the file, you need to check the directory of it and make sure it’s in the location of the game you’re playing. Besides, you need to remember the location because you have to paste the file to the same location on your computer.

Step 4: Copy the steam_api64.dll file and paste it to a USB flash drive.

Step 5: Connect the USB to your computer and then copy and paste the steam_api64.dll file to the same location where you copy the file.

Solution 3: Reinstall the Game

If you don’t want to copy file from another computer, you can try reinstalling your game to fix steam_api64.dll missing error, just as the error shows.

Step 1: In Steam, click LIBRARY.

Step 2: Right-click your game and choose Uninstall.

Step 3: Click Delete to confirm the operation when a window pops up.

Step 4: Click STORE and search the game you deleted just now.

Step 5: Click Play now. Then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the game.

After the game is installed, you can launch it and check if the error steam_api64.dll missing disappears.

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