PS5 has been quite popular since it was released. However, this game console comes with a list of issues and bugs. Some of them are being solved through continuous updates provided by Sony. Some of them still exist today. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces PS5 Rest Mode and some issues that come with it.

What Is Rest Mode PS5

If you are a fan of video games, you should not miss PS5, short for PlayStation 5. It is a home video game console developed by Sony Interactive, released on November 12, 2020.


As the successor of PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 is designed with a whole new architecture, faster storage device, and superior resolution support. Generally speaking, the performance of PS5 has been improved a lot compared with PS4. For more differences about PS4 and PS5, you can check our previous post: PS4 vs PS5: What's the Difference and Which One to Select.

Similar to PS4, PS5 also has a Rest Mode. PS5 Rest Mode allows you to keep the console in a paused state instead of turning it off when you need to leave your console for a while.

In the PS5 Rest Mode, your console can consume less power, and tasks such as game downloading or installing can run in the background. When you come back, you can wake up your console and run a game in a few seconds. PS5 Rest Mode can also be used to set up auto-downloads and updates for PS5 system software and games.

Should I Use PS5 Rest Mode? Is It Safe?

As you can see, PS5 Rest Mode makes it easier to enjoy your game console and this feature sounds quite useful. You might wonder how to put your PS5 into Rest Mode. Don’t worry. You just need to connect your controller to the PS5 console and press the PS button to go to the control center. Then select Power > Enter Rest Mode.

However, a lot of users have reported that PS5 Rest Mode has caused various issues since November 2020 and the PS5 Rest Mode issue has become one of the most common PS5 problems. Some of them reported that the DualSense inputs couldn’t be recognized by the console; some lost saved data; some even encounter PS5 console crashing or hardware failures.

PS5 has been released for over half a year. Is PS5 Rest Mode fixed? Unfortunately, Sony has released several updates for bug fixes and new features recently, but the PS5 Rest Mode issue still exists. Sony hasn’t announced why it happens yet.

It is hard to say should you use Rest Mode PS5, because not all users encounter the PS5 Rest Mode issue, and some reported that Rest Mode works properly on their console. However, if you are worried about the PS5 Rest Mode issue, it might be better to disable this feature.

How to Disable PS5 Rest Mode

Now, let’s see how to put your PS5 console out of Rest Mode. You just need to follow the steps below one by one.

Step 1: Turn on your PS5 console and go to Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to System > Power Saving > Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.

Step 3: Now you can choose how long your PS5 can stay inactive before it automatically enters Rest Mode. To get out of the mode, you should select the Don’t Put in Rest Mode option.

Hope this post about Rest Mode PS5 can help you out of the problem you might encounter! For other PS5 Issues such as Error Code CE-108255-1, PS5 Not Turning on, and so on, you can refer to our previous posts.

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