Do you have a PS2 console? Do you still want to play these classic PS2 games? If so, you can read this post, in which MiniTool shows you how to install a PS2 hard drive and set up OPL in your PS2 console.

Why Need to Install PS2 Hard Drive?

The Sony Playstation2 is a video gaming console that was released in 2000. It came with a DVD drive that was capable of playing movies as well as games, and an Internet port that allows you to play games online by plugging a Sony Network adaptor with IDE support. In addition, some series of PS2 like the “fat” PS2 came with a hard drive port.

Some users may want to know how to add an internal hard drive to PS2 because of the following reasons:

  1. The PS2 optical head stops work.
  2. They want to reduce wear on the PS2 optical head and the disk read time.

To install a PS2 hard drive, all you need is a hard drive and a Sony Network adaptor with IDE support. Please read the following content to get the detailed steps.

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How to Install PS2 Hard Drive and Set up OPL?

Step 1: Insert the network card and hard disk into the corresponding interfaces.

Step 2: Prepare a working FreeMcBoot card and insert it into your PS2 console. Then, boot your PS2 and run uLaunchELF.

Step 3: Navigate to the MISC folder and launch HDDManager. Then, the HDD manager should detect your new drive and show that it’s not formatted. Please press R1 to open the menu and select format.

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Step 4: Load OPL, which is software for transferring game data from an external device to the PS2 via USB or LAN port for gaming. Because HDL has compatibility issues, set OPL here can increase PS2’s game compatibility.

When you load the program for the first time, OPL will create a partition for its self on the HDD. By default, this partition is only 128 MB in size and contains information on the game configurations, settings, optional OPL themes and game artwork.

Step 5: Reset your PS2 and head back to uLaunchELF and its HDDManager to resize the OPL partition if you want to install artwork, screenshots and OPL themes. The operations are very simple. After launching HDDManager, you should see the partition titled “+OPL”. Highlight this partition and press R1 to open the menu, then select Resize.

resize OPL partition

Step 6: Install games. In this step, you should transfer the game data from the original DVD drive or hard drive to the new hard drive. You can do that through the following ways:

  1. Insert your game drive and transfer the games ISO files into hard drive directly.
  2. Connect the PS2 hard drive to a PC/laptop and then use HDLoader or WinHIIP program to transfer PS2 games directly from computer CD-ROM drive to the new hard drive directly.

As for the games you want to add later, you can send them over Ethernet to OPL.

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Bottom Line

There are many classic games in PS2, and now there are many players playing PS2 games. If you don’t have a PS2 console and only one computer, you can play PS2 games with an emulator. The compatibility of the simulator will be slightly better than HDL and OPL.

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