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limit of cloud saves on PS4

You maybe have heard that Sony announced that the amount of storage for PS Plus cloud saves would be enlarged to 100GB. However, PS4 cloud saves just support 1,000 files. This article will talk about the limit of cloud saves on PS4. By the way, MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good toolkit to help you manage your PS4 hard drive.

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Limit of Cloud Saves on PS4

As we know, cloud saves are excellent because they can save your data safely by providing backups for everything you have ever finished in a PlayStation 4. Furthermore, they also make it easy to stop playing on one PS4 and pick up right where you left off on another.

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In a few days ago, a Twitter user Dizzy Ziddy encountered into this problem while trying to upload more saves to his cloud storage, sparking new questions about the fine print surrounding cloud saves on PS4.

Back in February, Sony announced that it was increasing the amount of storage for PS Plus cloud saves from 10GB to 100GB.

The move seemed like a big improvement at the time, even though the feature still costs money and is limited, compared to Xbox One where cloud saves are free and don’t suffer from a hard cap.

However, there is a limit of cloud saves on PS4 that they have a bizarre 1,000-file cap.

It seems that the enlargement on storage size seems useless with the 1,000-file cap. Why say that? We can make a calculation. Most running files come in 5MB to 15MB. If PlayStation 4 user has 1,000 files, such files can cover, to large extent, 15,000MB (about 14.64GB). We can see that the space that files take up is relatively low.

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The reality is that the number of files can multiply dramatically depending on how many games you have, and the type. Furthermore, some games generate multiple save files per campaign. The file number can be run into the tens and even hundreds.

As a PS4 user said, he has saved data for 110 games on his PS4, which he has had since launch. His save data for The Witcher 3 contains 14, and for Mass Effect: Andromeda contains 84.

As a result, you as a PS4 user may hit the file cap quicker than you think – although the fact that this only just become common knowledge suggests it is more likely than you may initially think.

Still, even if it is unlikely, I think that the Japanese giant needs to make cloud save as unrestrictive as possible. This is a pivotal part of the console experience now, and it can be great for backups and moving between differences devices seamlessly.

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Final Words

The storage increase was great, but let’s rally to get the other restrictions removed, too. What is your opinion towards the limit of cloud saves on PS4? Please leave it in the comment zone following this article.

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