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Lenovo Flex vs Yoga

Do you want to buy a Lenovo laptop? Then, you may take Lenovo Flex and Yoga series into consideration. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard explains Lenovo Flex vs Yoga to you and you can make a decision between them.

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Lenovo Flex vs Yoga Specs

Lenovo is one of the most reputed and largest PC vendors in the world. It strives to provide suitable products for all consumers, from productivity concerned users to more high-end look and premium feel oriented consumers.

For example, Lenovo Flex series has gained a name for providing superior features within budget while Lenovo Yoga series is serving best-in-the-industry looks seemingly. Both the two series perform well in Lenovo product line.

But when it comes to Lenovo Flex vs Yoga, anyone will feel their head spinning with confusion. In this part, I will list Lenovo Flex vs Yoga specs for you.

Name Lenovo Flex Lenovo Yoga
CPU Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) -Intel Core i7 ( 10th Gen) Intel Core i5 ( 8thGen)-Intel Core I7 ( 6th Gen )
OS Windows 10
Storage (SSD) 64 GB To 512 GB 256 GB To 1TB
RAM 16 GB DDR4 Up to 16 GB DDR3
Display (multi-touched) 14.0” FHD to 15.6” FHD 13.9” FHD
GPU Intel 620 UHD only & 1600 To 2400 MHz Intel 620 UHD To Intel 520 UHD & 1600 To 2400 MHz
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Lenovo Flex vs Yoga: More Details

If the above comparison can't help you make a decision and you want to know more details about Lenovo Flex vs Yoga, this part is worth reading.


When it comes to PC performance, it is always related to CPU, RAM, hard drive, and GPU (if you focus on gaming experience).

1. CPU

CPU is an essential part of any laptop to access software smoother and faster. Comparing Lenovo Flex vs Yoga CPUs, you will find that they all use Intel Core series (i5 to i7). Intel Core i5 and i7 processors can complete basic workloads with no lag.

However, Lenovo Yoga laptops come with 6th to 8th generation CPUs, while Lenovo Flex series come with 8th to 10th generation CPUs. In this aspect, Lenovo Flex is better, especially for gamers.

2. RAM

RAM is also important. It makes sure the laptop has super-fast responses with no lag or slowdown. Comparing Lenovo Flex vs Yoga RAM, the outstanding difference is that Flex models use DDR4 RAM, while Yoga models use DDR3 RAM. Therefore, Flex models have a better speed to transfer data than the Yoga models.

3. Storage

In terms of storage (SSD), Yoga models come with 256 GB to 1TB storage SSD, while most Flex models appear with 64 GB to 512 GB storage SSD. More storage space usually means better accessing ability.

4. GPU

As for GPU, Lenovo Flex models come with Intel 620 only that allows users to feel UHD and 4K pictures, but Yoga models appear with Intel 620 to Intel 520 graphics processor that allows viewing Ultra HD pictures with a 4K, HD, and 3D motion. In this aspect, Yoga series is better.

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Other Aspects

Apart from performance, there are other aspects you should pay attention to. For example:

1. Display

Both series give Full HD picture quality with a fine and crisp image resolution. But, the Yoga models appear with a 13.9” size display, while Lenovo Flex models typically come with a 14.0” to 15.6” size display that makes sure bigger text and video feel.

2. Ports

Ports are usually related to feature expansion. Some models may offer Thunderbolt port, while some models may not. You should check that according to their models. Of course, some users may also consider portability and battery life. This is up to personal choice.

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