Integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card are commonly used graphics card on the computer. Integrated vs dedicated graphics card: what’s the difference and which one should you choose? In this post, MiniTool will explore the main differences between them to help you make a wise choice.

As an important component of the computer, graphics card generates and manages display output to the screen. And the performance of the graphics card has an impact on computer image quality. Here are two main graphics cards (integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card) on the market.

Is integrated graphics better than dedicated? You may have such doubt like many other computer users. This is not a simple Yes or No question. Instead, it is a professional one and you should make a reply based on a deep analysis.

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An Overview of Integrated Graphics Card

Integrated graphics card is located on the same chip as the GPU, which indicates that it doesn’t have independent memory and needs the support of system memory for graphics processing. In fact, integrated graphics card shares memory with the main system memory. Hence, it sometimes is also referred to as shared graphics. The integrated graphics card can consume less power and generate less than dedicated graphics card.

what is integrated graphics card

In addition to that, integrated graphics card is small, energy efficient and less expensive than dedicated graphics card. Though it is not good enough for working with graphics-intensive programs and playing the latest high-end games, it is suitable for some casual gaming and 4k video watching.

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An Overview of Dedicated Graphics Card

Dedicated graphics card is also called video card/discrete graphics card. It is a piece of hardware that can be used to manage a computer’s graphics performance. It comes with multiple types.  

Note: The dedicated graphics card is a separate unit and has its own independent source of video memory (VRAM).

Differently, dedicated graphics card doesn’t share system memory and easy to upgrade. However, it can consume much power and generate a large amount of heat when it runs. Compared with integrated graphics card, it is larger and more expensive.

dedicated graphics card

As discrete graphics card provides users with seamless gaming and smooth image processing experience, it is preferred by serious gamers and professional designers.

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Integrated VS Dedicated Graphics Card

After reading the above information, you may have an overall understanding of both integrated graphics card and dedicated graphics card. Integrated vs dedicated graphics card: what’s the main difference? To get the detailed information, please keep reading the following content of this post.

  • Graphics performance: According to investigation, most recent dedicated graphics cards have better graphics performance than the integrated system. Some dedicated graphics cards like Nvidia Titan Xp range can offer double performance.
  • Power consumption: As learned from the earlier information, dedicated consumes more power than integrated graphics card. That’s why discrete graphics cards have built-in fans. They can stop your computer from getting overheating and crashing.
  • Heat generation: The integrated graphics card is energy efficient with a low power consumption, while dedicated graphics card generates much heat when working.
  • Price: Integrated graphics card is small and less expensive than dedicated graphics card.

Is integrated graphics better than dedicated? On the aspect of price and power consumption and heat generation, it is indeed better than dedicated. When comes to graphics performance, it is not good as dedicated.

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