Windows 10 is not a bad operating system. You can experience new features. But most people, including me, still hate Windows 10? Why do I hate Windows 10? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard will give you the answer.

Although Windows 10 has been released by for several years and it indeed brings some wonderful feature, I still hate it sometimes. Why do I hate Windows 10? There are 3 main reasons.

1. Terrible Windows Update

It's a good thing that my Windows can get updates. Because some updates can fix bugs and bring new features. However, it's terrible that the Windows updates cause my PC more buggy.

In addition, there are many unimportant updates. I don't want to install these unimportant updates at the risk of messing my PC. If I want to disable the Windows 10 update, I find it's a tough job.

Although I have adhered to some guides to disable the Windows update in service and registry editor, it will open automatically in the next startup. In this aspect, I think Windows doesn't respect my will.

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2. Bloatware

Windows 10 is more bloated than ever OS, because it's adding new features. However, just for me, some features are not needed (for example, Settings and Control Panel are very similar; I never use Cortana).

In addition, Windows 10 bundles a lot of apps and games that most users do not want, especially if your Windows PC is bought from a brand. These third-party apps and games may be pre-installed by hardware manufacturers or Microsoft.

3. Privacy

It's impossible to entirely remove any piece of software that can touch your data. Microsoft will collect your location, brose history, contacts, email and app contents, etc. It will use these information to improve the work of Windows apps.

It will not steal your bank card passwords or other important information. But it will use these app using habits and other information to draw a profile of a user. Then, it will send ads according to this profile. Of course, it may also sell your information to other corporations.

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4. Other Issues

We all know Microsoft wants us to use their products. But I don't like the way it promotes the products. For example, when I install Windows 10, it requires a Microsoft account; when I enter Windows 10, the One Drive will pop up automatically. Actually, I don't use any Microsoft accounts. And I also don't want to use One Drive.

In addition, some Windows apps may interfere with other apps (for example, Edge may break Chrome).


For some issues, you can configure Windows 10 to avoid them. After all, Windows is the best OS for gaming and Windows 10 brings some new features. However, if you don't like Windows 10 very much, you can install other OS, for example, Windows 7, Linux, etc.

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