Businesses, schools, governments, and content providers may block some sites that they don’t want you to see. It’s OK if these websites are totally bad. However, some of these websites are just for entertainment and games. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to unblock websites at school, home, or work.

Method 1. Visit the IP Address of the Website

Sometimes, the websites are blocked by domain names, not the sites’ IP addresses. In this case, you can find the site's IP address using the Whois lookup tool and then copy the IP address into the browser to visit the website.

Method 2. Switch Between HTTP and HTTPS

Most sites now offer both secure (HTTPS) and unsecured (HTTP) access. If the website you want to access starts with https://, you can try accessing it by the http://.

Method 3. Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser is famous for its multilayered protection system, which places multiple layers of encryption on your traffic and then directs it randomly through the Tor network to hide your IP address before reaching the blocked website you want to access. In this way, you can anonymously unblock access to most websites.

You just need to download and install Tor on your device. When it first launches, you may set some configuration options. Then, you can access almost any site, but the defect is that your web browsing will be slow.

Method 4. Use URL Shortener Services

These services reduce the length of the URL so that people can remember and track the page address more easily. You can also use this method to unblock the website. You just need to shorten the URL and copy the shortened URL into the browser.

Method 5. Use VPNs

The best website unblocker is VPN. It will hide your real IP address, bypassing many restrictions. What VPN is best? You can try NordVPN, IPVanish, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, etc.

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Method 6. Use VPN Extensions

There are many VPN extensions for Google Chrome or other browsers. You just need to add them to your browser and then they will unblock websites for you. Here are some of the VPN extensions:

  1. Windscribe
  2. Turbo VPN
  3. Urban VPN

Method 7. Use Public Web Proxies

When you use a proxy server, your computer first sends all web traffic to the proxy. The proxy forwards your request to the target website, downloads the information, and sends it back to you.

By masking IP addresses in this way, proxy servers allow users to circumvent content restrictions and surveillance. But please note that proxies are not encrypted, so don’t use them to send secure financial data or other sensitive information.

Method 8. Unblocked Websites for School

How to bypass school restrictions? Most schools will prevent you from installing Tor or VPNs. For school unblocking, using VPN extensions, URL shortener services, or public web proxies is recommended.

In addition, there are some unblocked game websites for school. You can try them.

  2. Unblocked Games 24h
  3. Subway Surfers
  4. Unblocked Games WTF
  5. Unblocked Games Pod
  6. Unblocked Games 66
  7. Unblocked Games 77
  8. HoodaMath
  10. Mills Eagles

3 Ways – How to Unblock a Website on Chrome

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