This post shows you how to remove keyboard keys on the mechanical, membrane, and MacBook keyboards respectively. You can follow the specific steps according to your keyboard types. Besides, you can obtain some tips on keyboard keys removal. To get more details, read this post of MiniTool.

Regularly cleaning the keyboard is necessary for keyboard maintenance. As items like dust and food crumbs can be lodged under keys, you need to remove some keys to clean underneath or replace them if they work improperly. If you spill something on keyboard keys by accident, you should also clean them.

How to remove keyboard keys? This post offers you some available ways. Prior to that, you’d better learn some tips on removing keyboard keys.

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Tips on Removing Keys from Keyboard

To avoid typing anything or giving a command accidentally, you’d better turn off the computer and unplug the keyboard before you remove keys from keyboard. It is also recommended to blow as much grime off of your keyboard as possible before starting the operation. A puff from a can of compressed air works best. Even so, you can use a vacuum too.

Though removing keyboard keys is helpful for fulfilling some purposes, it should be done as infrequently as possible. Otherwise, the keys may malfunction.

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#1. Remove Keys from Keyboard with a Keycap Puller

Keycap puller is a tool that enables you to remove keys without damaging them or the switches on top of them. It usually comes in plastic and wire types. Both of them can help you remove keyboard keys safely, but the wire variety is more long-lasting and less likely to scratch keys.

Tip: If you want to find a guide on how to remove mechanical keyboard keys, you should try this method as it works on mechanical keyboards.

Here’s the guide on how to remove keyboard keys via a keycap puller.

Step 1: Take a photo of your keyboard before starting the operation. If you need to replace keys, you can find the corresponding location from the photo.

Step 2: Take out the keycap puller and place the edges of the puller under the target keycap.

Step 3: Pull up the puller to remove the keycap from the switch.

Step 4: If your keyboard has LED backlight illumination, you need to be cautious while removing keycaps.

1. Ensure that you will put keycaps in a place that is accessible and in order after removing them. By doing so, it would be easier to reassemble them.
2. You should be cautious while removing bigger keys because they might have a metal support bar that could be damaged during the process.

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How to remove keys from keyboard? If you would like to remove keys on the membrane keyboard, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Unplug the keyboard and bring it to a secure place. Then you won’t lose any keys and screws.

Step 2: Turn the keyboard upside down.

Step 3: Use an appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws located at the back of the keyboard.

Step 4: The keyboard should be separated into halves after removing all the screws. If not, you need to use a wedge to open your keyboard with care. When you hear a snap, it indicates that it is opened.

Step 5: Detach the top and the bottom, and then set aside the bottom part because you don’t need it later. As it includes sensitive circuitry, you should be very cautious when dealing with it.

Tip: You’d better take a picture of the keyboard before removing the keycaps. It would be beneficial to you while return the keys to their original location.

Step 6: Turn the top part upside down for the keycaps to come down.

Step 7: Use the top of the slotted screwdriver to push and loosen the foot of each keycap. Since they will pop out easily, don’t push too much.

Step 8: After removing all the keycaps, you can see the dust and dirt. Reassemble the keycaps after cleaning them.

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#2. Remove Keys from Keyboard Through Household Tools

If you don’t have the keycap puller, you can remove keys from keyboard using household tools like a flathead screwdriver or butter knife. You need to make sure that the screwdriver blade fits underneath the keys on the keyboard. In addition, be careful when you use the knife as it would hurt you and scratch your keys.

How to remove keycaps with household tools? Here are steps.

Step 1: Shape a paperclip to work like the keycap puller.

Step 2: Then unbend the paperclip completely to reshape it into a “U” and bend the ends inwards so they can hook under a key.

Step 3: Slightly apply upward pressure with the selected tool until the key begins to lift off.

Tip: In some cases, the key may not come off completely with the tool. If so, you need to pull it off with your fingers.
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#3. Remove Keys from MacBook Keyboard

To remove MacBook keys from the keyboard, you can refer to these steps.

Step 1: Likewise, you should turn off the MacBook device first.

Step 2: Slide a guitar pick, old credit card, or a plastic butter knife underneath the keycap and pry it out of the hole.

Step 3: Use the picked tool back and forth carefully until you hear a snap. The sound indicates that the key is detached.

How to remove keyboard keys? Here are some methods for you. With them, you can remove keys from the mechanical, membrane, and MacBook keyboards easily.

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