Do you know how to make a website? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces 3 ways to you. In addition, it also tells you the difference between CMS and website builders.

3 Ways to Make a Website

How to create a website? Here are mainly 3 ways.

  • Use programming languages. It requires you to learn how to program using html, css, js, php, etc. If you don’t want to become a web developer or learn how to make a website from scratch, this method is not recommended.
  • Use a CMS (Content Management System). It allows you to create, store, search and manage content typically stored in SQL databases. You can control almost every element and you are not limited to a specific host.
  • Use a Website Builder. It is designed for beginners and strives to make creating a website and its content as easy as possible. It focuses on ease of use, simplifying the process of building designs.

How to Build a Website via a CMS

CMS is suitable for creating blogs, business sites, e-commerce, creating forums, social networks, auction sites, schools, and sites with a large number of users. If you build a website using a CMS, the process should be as follows:

  1. Buy a domain name. It is the URL of the website, usually ending with com, cn, net, etc.
  2. Buy web space (Hosting Mode). Use a server for big websites or a virtual host for small websites.
  3. Domain Name Internet Content Provider (ICP license and ICP filing). This step is unique for Chinese websites.
  4. Domain name parse and bind. Point the domain name to the web space IP, so that people can easily access the website through the registered domain name.
  5. Install the CMS.
  6. Choose or upload your theme.
  7. Purchase additional services or products.
  8. Set up the CMS (add plugins, create navigation, add SEO settings for selected SEO plugins, create users, set up permalinks, perform backups, set up security, etc.).
  9. Start creating content.

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How to Build a Website via a Website Builder

Website builders are great for personal blogs, small websites, small businesses that don't need a large website, nonprofits, shops, restaurants, etc. These websites usually don’t have a lot of content. How to make a website using a website builder? The process should be as follows:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Choose your subscription plan.
  3. Select a theme (edit if needed).
  4. Choose or add your domain name.
  5. Fill out SEO settings.
  6. Start creating content.

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CMS vs Website Builder: Pros and Cons

CMS Pros

  • High customization. You can use it to create any type of website. It offers a lot of themes and plugins, allowing you to build and customize your website layouts more easily. It also allows you to customize your websites via programming languages.
  • CMS is open source. The cost of building a CMS website generally comes from the domain name, the server where the website content is hosted, and the premium themes, plugins, or services you want to buy. The price depends on the features you need.
  • Easy site transfer. You can build your site offline and move it to any server at will.

CMS Cons

  • Somewhat unintuitive.
  • You are responsible for all maintenance.
  • Possible compatibility issues.

Website Builder Pros

  • Easy to use. It offers a well-developed platform, allowing users to register an account on the platform and then complete the website construction by "drag and drop". It also offers lots of templates.
  • Various hosting plans to choose from. Plans include hosting, maintenance, security, backup, statistics, training, and support.

Website Builder Cons

  • Customization is limited. The proprietary tools they use can only build pages on their platform. Some templates don't allow you to change. Most offer simple tools to customize the color and layout of the template. Websites made on the same platform often look similar.
  • You cannot move your site to a new host. This process is often very difficult or impossible unless you're willing to pay a premium.
  • Website builders are not open-source. They don’t include development or staging areas. You don't have access to the server, so you can't do any server-side programming. In addition, it is more expensive to start and grow.
  • You may not own the domain name. Most domain names offered by them are their sub-domain names.

How much does it cost to build a website? Some people may ask this question. it depends on the way you choose to create a website.  

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Bottom Line

How to create a website? Here are 3 ways for you. If you know other ways to create a website, please share them with us. In addition, MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you clone the operating system, manage disks, and recover data. If you have this need, you can download it from the official website.

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