How much power is my PC using? How to check how much power my PC is using? A lot of users raise these questions. Today, MiniTool will focus on this topic and explore available methods for you.

Computer is an indispensable part for modern society. It can be used for work, entertainment, chat, etc. It can only run when there is electricity on it. Hence, the question – how much power is my PC using, is often asked.

If you just utilize a computer for simple tasks like word processing and social media running, it won’t consume much power. The case is different when it is used to execute demanding tasks like video-editing or gaming.

This is only the rough condition. To know how much power is my PC using exactly, you need to take some actions. One of the benefits of knowing the power usage is that you can manage your activity in advance. Then you can try your best to avoid power outrage.  

Method 1: Check Power Consumption via Online Tools

A simple way to check computer power consumption is by using online tools. They can calculate your power usage quickly and accurately. Outervision is widely used by both novices and power users.

Tip: As the power calculator will ask you choose general information of your computer components, you’d better check the specs of them before using the program.

After entering the website, select the detailed information from a drop-down list of CPUs, graphics cards, and RAM to fill the necessary fields. After that, click the Calculate button to begin the operation. You will obtain the results after the process ends.

click on the Calculate button

The basic calculator of Outervision will offer you a good estimate of your computer’s power consumption. Certainly, if you want to obtain more detailed and accurate estimate, choose its Expert calculator.

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Method 2: Measure Power Usage with Software

How to tell how much power my PC is using? Another method to do that is to use a PC power consumption monitor. Here are a few available options. Open Hardware Monitor is one of the most popular monitors among them.

open hardware monitor

This monitor is a free and open-sourced application, which provides you with real-time power consumption information. Based on that, it also tells you the temperature of CPU, GPU, and hard drive, as well as the fan speed and load and clock speeds.

Method 3: Test Power Usage via Meters

You can also test PC power usage via meters. Hardware capable of measuring your computer’s overall power usage will not cost you much money. The estimated price ranges from $20 to $30. The point is that you need to have time-stamped data and bear an error within 0.5%.

To get the optimal readings for the overall power usage of your computer, you should measure the connection from a wall outlet with an external power meter. The P3 Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor is a good choice, which enables you to measure your computer’s power consumption accurately. You can buy the PC power consumption monitor from shopping websites like Amazon and Home Depot.

How to check how much power my PC is using? Here are three options for you. You can use free programs like Outervision and Open Hardware Monitor to obtain the detailed information. Alternatively, you can utilize meters to do that. But you need to pay some money for the device. Pick one method based on your demand to check your computer power usage now!

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