Do you plan to build a gaming PC? Then, you may need to consider the following two questions: What components do you need? How much does it cost to build a gaming PC? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard will tell you the answer.

What Do You Need for Building a PC?

Is it still cheaper to build your own computer? You can get the answer from post: Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Computer—Building vs Buying a PC. However, if you want to get the best gaming PC with limited budget, building a PC is a good choice.

What parts do you need for building a PC? How much does it cost to build a gaming PC? These may be key points you are concerning.

In general, if you want to build a gaming PC (in this post, I only talk about desktop PCs), you need the following parts:

  • CPU: It is one of the most important PC parts and acts as the brain of the computer. This determines the ability of running how many programs at the same time and whether you can run resource intensive games and programs. In general, AMD processors are cheaper than Intel.
  • RAM: It is the space where programs are running. Therefore, the more RAM, the more programs can run at the same time. In general, a gaming PC needs at least 8GB RAM, but 16GB is better. In addition, the price depends on the capacity and the type of RAM.
  • GPU: Graphics cards enable the display to show onto your monitor. Some GPUs are integrated in CPUs. But if you want to play most modern resource intensive games, a discrete GPU is needed. In GPU industry, the two major brands are Nvidia and AMD.
  • Hard drive: Hard drive is responsible for storing everything on your computer from the operating system to the programs. You can choose HDD or SSD as your hard drive. In general, SSD is faster but more expensive.
  • Motherboard: It is the core of the computer that connects everything including CPU, GPU, hard drive, and peripheral devices. Through it, the computer parts can transfer data among them and run as a unit.
  • Other devices: Except for the above important devices, other devices like power supply, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, mousepad, case, network card, etc. are less important. You can save money on them. But for some users who like better using experience, they will also invest huge money on them.
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How Much Does It Cost to Build a PC?

How much does it cost to build a gaming PC? This depends on what part you choose. For example, you can choose a CPU from i3-7100 ($110) to AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X ($4027). The problem is how to balance between performance and budget.

In this case, I recommend you to refer to CPU and GPU hierarchies summarized by reliable websites. Then, you can choose the most cost-effective CPU and GPU. But I think the price of a suitable CPU may be from $200 to $300 and the price of a suitable GPU may be around $500.

As for RAM, DDR4 8GB to 16GB is recommended and the price ranges from $40 to $100. As for hard drive, SSD is recommended, but the price varies dramatically, depending on the memory chip, capacity, and port.

When you choose motherboard, please make sure it offers ports that is compatible with that of CPU, GPU, SSD, and other devices. When you choose a power supply unit, please make sure it meets the demands of other devices, especially for the GPU.

Then, how much does it cost to build a gaming PC? To build a nice gaming PC, the cost may be around $1000 (the real price depends on your demand).

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