What are your thoughts on HBO Go vs HBO Now? They are both popular streaming devices. However, which one is better? In this article, MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces a detailed comparison between HBO Go vs HBO Max. If you're wondering which device to use, check it out.

When HBO Max launched, HBO already had two TV streaming apps: HBO Now and HBO Go. Within a few months, however, HBO quietly removed HBO Go from most streaming platforms, and HBO Now became the HBO app. Which is best for you? We compared the HBO Max app to the HBO app. This article covers their differences in content, cost, supported devices, and compatibility.

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HBO Go vs HBO Max: Introduction

HBO Go is a streaming app for U.S. customers who subscribe to HBO’s cable TV package. Unlike HBO Now, HBO Go is part of a TV package rather than a standalone service. You will not be able to log into the HBO Go app without a cable account that subscribes to HBO.

The price of HBO Go varies according to the channel subscription price of different cable providers. However, it offers access to the exact same content and catalog as HBO Now.


HBO Max is also the streaming platform for HBO movies and series – an integration of HBO Now and HBO Go. But it doesn’t just offer HBO content, it also offers content from the WarnerMedia catalog. The platform also hosts original content specific to HBO Max, called Max Originals.


HBO Go vs HBO Max: Content

HBO Go offers the exact same content as HBO Now. The main difference between HBO Go and HBO Max is the latter’s exclusive content. Both HBO Go and HBO Max will give you a curated selection of movies, original scripted series, and documentaries. But HBO Max includes all of HBO, original programming (Max Originals), and a bunch of acquired series, and movies.

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HBO Go vs HBO Max: Cost

From a cost perspective, the two services are similar. HBO Max’s premium ad-free plan costs $14.99 per month, and the ad-supported plan costs $9.99 per month. It can be canceled at any time. HBO costs $14.99 per month and can be easily canceled anytime.

HBO Go vs HBO Max: Supported Devices

Both HBO Go and HBO Max are available on most platforms, including:

  • Desktop OS over the web (Windows and macOS are officially supported)
  • Android devices, including Android TV (running version 5 and above)
  • iOS devices (iOS 12.2+)
  • Apple TV 4th generation and later
  • Chromebook and Chromecast devices
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles
  • Samsung TVs released after 2016

It’s worth noting that there are no Roku devices on this list. HBO Go is not available on any Roku devices. But HBO Max is available on the Roku platform, even if it had some hiccups when it was introduced on Roku.

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In summary, if you want access to HBO content, Max Originals, and WarnerMedia content, including same-day theaters releases, then HBO Max is the only way to go. However, in some cases, the HBO app might be better for you, such as when your streaming device doesn’t support HBO Max.

Bottom Line

HBO Max vs HBO Go vs HBO Now: What’s the Difference? After reading, you can know more information and make your choice after thinking about the difference between them.

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