Fortnite error code 93 is one common error with Fortnite, but it still confuses a number of gamers. When error code 93 appears, you will be unable to play the game. This brings much inconvenience. Well, MiniTool offers you several solutions in this post.

Fortnite error code 93 often comes along with the error message “Unable to join a party”. According to user reports, this error can occur on both the mobile and the regular version of the game.

You need to take quick actions to resolve the error code 93 Fortnite if you don’t want your game experience is affected further. To solve the error, you should learn the possible causes for it. Plenty of gamers claim that they receive the Fortnite error code due to a glitching inventory skin.

The error code 93 Fortnite also results from a public party bug, glitch with Epic integration, or server issues. In one word, the reasons for error code are multiple. Now, we provide you some solutions based on the above causes.

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Solution 1: Change Your Skin

You may think changing skin to fix Fortnite error code 93 is strange, but it is indeed the most popular fix method for that error. It has been proven to be useful by some gamers. It is because that this error may happen because of a bug related to the present loadout.

Here’s how to do.

Step 1: Launch and sign in Fortnite.

Step 2: Click the Locker tab at the top menu.

Step 3: In the next window, click on your present skin under the Account and Equipment section. Then you can see all your skin collections.

Step 4: Click on any available skin and then Fortnite will apply the chosen skin to your character.

Tip: You are allowed to further customize the character according to your willingness.

Step 5: Now, back to the game, and then join a random solo game and wait until you are in the lobby. Accept the invitation that your friends send you to see if you can join the party.

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Solution 2: Utilize Epic Friends List

If you can’t join a party through the commonly used method, try join the friend’s party via the Epic game friends list. You are required to add your friends to your Epic account by utilizing their Epic username or email address.

Tip: This method is available for people who launch Fortnite on a PC using the Epic Launcher.

Step 1: Launch Fortnite on your Windows laptop.

Step 2: Click the Friends tab on the Fortnite menu.

Step 3: Click the Add Friend option to go on.

Step 4: Type the Epic username or email address of your friend and send the friend request.

Step 5: After your friend accept the request, try to join the party to see if the error is solved.

Solution 3: Configure the Party Type to Private

Step 1: After launching Fortnite, click on the party icon on the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: When the party menu appears, click the settings icon to go on.

Step 3: Modify the status of Party Privacy from Public to Private and then save the change.

Step 4: Now, try joining the party again to check if the error is fixed.

To sum up, this post mainly analyzes the reasons behind Fortnite error code 93 and discusses solutions to the error. If you are bothered by this error, pick one method from the post to fix it.

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