Some people may encounter the filter not working in Excel issue. Why doesn’t the Filter feature work? How to solve this problem? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard explains all to you.

Filter Not Working in Excel

When you use Excel to edit tables, there may be many values. To find certain values, the Filter feature is very useful. How to filter in Excel? There are mainly 3 ways for you.

Way 1. Use the Sort & Filer icon.

Select a column, a row, or a cell, and then click the Sort & Filter icon. Then, click the Filter option. Now you will see there should drop-down icons beside cells. Click the icon and start to filter values.

Sort & Filer icon

Way 2. Right-click a cell and choose the Filter option.

This method allows you to filter the column according to value, color, and icon of the selected cell.

choose Filter option

Way 3. Use the Excel filter function.

Using the Filter function can filter values more flexibly. But please note that this feature is currently only available for Office 365 subscribers. The last but not least, if you go the Data tab, you can see the advanced Filter feature.

However, some people report that they have encountered the filter not working in Excel issue. The causes and corresponding solutions of this issue may be as follows.

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Case 1. The Filter Function Is Not Valid

Sometimes, when you run a Filter function, you may receive the error “that function is not valid”. In this case, please check whether you are an Office 365 subscriber.

Case 2. The Filter Icon Is Greyed Out

The cause of this issue may be that your grouped worksheets. If the worksheets are grouped, the file name should be followed by the “Group” word. And you can you can check whether they are grouped easily through this point.

If the filter not working in Excel issue is caused by grouped worksheets, you can ungroup them to solve the problem. You just need to right-click on the sheet tab and then choose the Ungroup Sheets option.

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Case 3. The Filter Result Is Not Complete

This problem is the most common one. When you use the Filter feature, you may find there are omissions in the results. What causes this filter not working in Excel issue and how to fix it? Please keep on reading.

  1. There are blank rows. If there are blank rows among rows that you are filtering, these blanks rows will block the Filter feature to detects data below the blank row. In this case, you should delete these blank rows first.
  2. Cells are merged. If cells in one column are merged, the Filter result only show the first row and other rows are hidden. In this case, you should split these cells and fill these cells with the same value.
  3. Data format is not the same. For example, some cells use the number format while other cells use the date format. When you filter, it may only display values of one format.
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Bottom Line

Do you know other cases where the filter feature doesn’t work? Please share them with us in the following comment zone. I will appreciate that.

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