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Cold War Zombies split screen

Is Cold War Zombies split screen? How to play split screen Zombies Cold War? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard will show you all. In addition, it also shows you how to fix the Cold War Zombies split screen not working issue.

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Is Cold War Zombies Split Screen?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a 2020 first-person shooter video game released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It received generally favorable reviews from critics at release and became the best-selling game of 2020 in the US.

Can you play split screen on Cold War Zombies? The answer is YES, but the split screen feature is only available on consoles. Split screen will chop the screen in half to have two compatible players. With this ability, it allows you to play with friends without the luxury of Xbox Live. But the quality of the mode does suffer slightly, with the graphics stretched in two directions.

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How to Play Split Screen Zombies Cold War

To enable the Cold War Zombies split screen feature, please follow the steps below:

  • Start up Black Ops Cold War.
  • Access the ‘Zombies’ portion of the game, and head to its main menu.
  • Connect a second controller to your console.
  • Make sure the person is signed in either to his account or a guest profile.
  • Press ‘X’ on PlayStation or ‘A’ on Xbox with the second controller to activate the Split Screen mode.
  • Then, you just need to wait a few seconds for the other player to join.

During this process, you may receive the following error messages:

  • You need PlayStation Plus to access this feature.
  • This content cannot be selected at this time.

When these error messages appear, you just need to click the OK button and then press ‘X’ on PlayStation or ‘A’ on Xbox with the second controller again to activate the split screen mode again. If all things go well, you can enable the Cold War Zombies split screen successfully.

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What to Do If Cold War Zombies Split Screen Doesn’t Work

As of version 1.04 in the game, the split-screen mode for Zombies has been giving most issues, to the point where it’s unplayable for gamers. Sometimes, the split-screen option is even missing. If this issue happens to you, you can follow the guide below to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Player 2 needs to have his account and this account has been added to Player 1’s friend list.
  2. Go ahead and log in as player 2 while in-game.
  3. Invite player 2 to your game as player 1.
  4. Join a zombie game as Player 1, play for a bit and then exit the game. (This will make the game perceive that Player 2 was playing the game)
  5. After exiting, Player 2 should be able to navigate the game menu and their loadout using the controller. (Though they may not appear in the lobby as usual)
  6. Using Player 1, open up your social menu and you should see that there’s an option showing quick join for Player 2’s account (In player 1’s Treyarch friend list).
  7. Then, quick join Player 2 as Player 1 and if it works as intended, you will now be in the split-screen menu in Zombies.

Many people have reported that this method works for them, but please note that this method does not work all the time, and might even require you to quit and retry a few times, but hopefully.

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