Can you play PS5 games on PS4? If you don't have a PS5 console but want to play PS5 games, you may wonder that. If so, this post of MiniTool is worth reading. It shows you the answer and some extra information.

As you might know, you can play PS4 games on PS5 because of PS5 backward compatibility. Then you may be curious about the reverse situation – can you play PS5 games on PS4. It means that you play PS5 games without a PS5 console. Though PS5 boasts some advanced features that PS4 doesn’t have, it is not available for every gamer. What can you do if you want to play fantastic PS5 games? Well, find the answer in this post.

Can You Play PS5 Games on PS4

The answer depends on specific games. Upcoming PS5 games are confirmed as PS5 exclusives, which means that you can’t play them on other devices except for PS5 consoles. Games like God of War Ragnarok are not playable on PS4, because they’re specifically built to take advantage of the latest features that PS5 offers like haptic feedback and graphical enhancements.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t apply to all PS5 games. New games like F1 2022 and Horizon Forbidden West are confirmed to have a PS4 release. Moreover, many games are getting launched across both platforms or getting upgrades. For instance, Cyberpunk 2077 and Fortnite have gotten free upgrades to both platforms.

Do PS5 games work on PS4? A simple and easy way to check if a PS5 game can be played on PS4 is to find if there’s an available PS4 version in PlayStation Store. Some games will only be listed for PS5, while some are available for both consoles. You need to choose one console between the two if you would like to download it digitally.

How to Play PS5 Games on PS4

According to the content above, you can play some PS5 games on the PS4 console. Different from the Xbox Smart Delivery program on Xbox Series X/S, Sony doesn’t support forwards compatibility. Therefore, you can’t simply take your PS5 game and play it on the PS4 console.

Instead, you need the help of Remote Play or Share Play to enjoy PS5 games on PS4. Here are guides for you.

Option 1: Use Remote Play

To use this method, you should fulfill the requirements below. After that, follow the given steps to play PS5 games on PS4 via Remote Play.

  1. Make sure both PS4 and PS5 are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and updated with the latest software.
  2. Ensure that it hasn’t been over 60 days since you logged in PS5 the last time.

Step 1: Turn on the PS5 and log into the account you would like to access games from.

Step 2: Move to Settings > System > Remote Play.

Step 3: Click on the slider next to Enable Remote Play to switch it on.

Step 4: Leave your PS5 on or in Rest Mode.

Step 5: Head to PS4 and choose the PS5 Remote Play app on the home screen or under the app menu.

Step 6: Pick Connect to PS5.


1. On this screen, you can tap the Options menu to choose which resolution you want to stream in.

2. To disconnect Remote Play, press the PS button on the controller and choose disconnect. Then leave your PS5 on or leave it in Rest Mode.

Step 7: You can play PS5 games on PS4 now! If your friends want to join the Remote Play game, turn on their controller, sign in, and press the Options button.

Option 2: Use Share Play

Share Play allows you to share your PS5 session with a friend on PS4. Then he can see your screen and join your multiplayer games even if he doesn’t have the games or a PS5 console.

As Share Play sessions only last 60 minutes, you need to keep restarting your session. Besides, you are required to get a PS Plus subscription to give the controller to a visitor. Share Play isn’t compatible with all games and some game scenes might not appear to the visitor.


Only the game screen and audio are shared, so any other screens and non-game app screens won’t be visible to the visitor. Like you use Remote Play, you also need to ensure that both PS4 and PS5 consoles are updated to the latest software and that they have stable Internet connections (at least 2 Mbps).

Step 1: Set up a party chat with the visitor via the Parties tab.

Step 2: After the party is created, press the PS button on the DualSense controller, move to Control Centre, and pick the party voice chat card.

Step 3: Choose Start Share Screen > Start Share Play.

Step 4: In the voice chat, choose the PS4 owner, invite the player, and then select the play mode.


The visitor needs to accept this invitation.

Step 5: After your console is linked, your friends will see your screen.

Step 6: Choose Visitor Plays as You’ play mode from the party voice chat card and they should not be able to take over control of your game.

Step 7: Select Share Play Session when finished.

Bottom Line

Can you play PS5 games on PS4? Yes, you can play some of them on PS4 console via Remote Play or Share Play. The post has shown you the detailed steps. To improve your game experience, try connecting your PlayStation console to PC or TV. Then you will get a large-screen gameplay. When you play games on PC, you’d better optimize your device for optimal game experience. For doing that, MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good choice – an ideal PC optimizer and cleaner.

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