Have you ever played Bless Unleashed? Is Bless Unleashed Crossplay/Cross Platform?  In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard provides some useful information about this game that can answer your question.

Bless Unleashed is a massively free-to-play multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Round 8 Studios. It is a reboot of Bless Online.

Bless Unleashed

This game was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020. Later, it was released for the PC by NEOWIZ in 2021. So, you can play it on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

This multiplatform nature leads people to wonder if Bless Unleashed is cross platform/crossplay. Are you have the same question? Do you want to know whether Bless Unleashed is a crossplay/ cross-platform game? All these questions will be resolved in the post below.

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Is Bless Unleashed Crossplay Available on PC and Xbox?

Many Bless Unleashed fans have looked for Bless Unleashed Crossplay for PC and Xbox. You may have the same questions. But I’m sorry to tell you that Bless Unleashed doesn’t have crossplay or cross platform functionality.

It doesn’t support players to play Bless Unleashed crossplay on different platforms. That means that the players can only play with their friends for this game on the same platform.

So, if you are playing Bless Unleashed on PC and your friend is playing the game on Xbox One, you may not be able to play together.

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Is Bless Unleashed Cross Platform on PC and PS4?

No, Bless Unleashed is unable to crossplay between PC and PlayStation 4. Because Bless Unleashed doesn’t have a cross-platform function between PC and PS4.

Is Bless Unleashed Crossplay Available on Xbox One and PS4?

Bless Unleashed does not have crossplay between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And the developers of Bless Unleashed don’t seem to be planning on adding a crossplay option to their games.

So, if your friends are playing Bless Unleashed on Xbox One and you are playing it on PS4, you can’t also play the game with your friends together.

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How to Play with Friends in Bless Unleashed?

If you want to play Bless Unleashed with your friends, you can do as follows:

Step 1. Change Channels. The Bless Unleashed has three channels at all. So, if you want to play with your friends, you need to make sure you and your friends are on the same channel. You can change your channel by following the steps below:

  1. Open the World Map and then press down on the Left Analog stick (or hold Z on PC).
  2. Choose the needed channel/server and confirm the change.

Step 2. Add a friend. After you and your friend are on the same channel, you can follow the steps below to add a friend:

  1. Find your friend in the world and approach them as closely as possible until you see the Interact option appear above the character’s head.
  2. Continue to interact with your friend and select the Send Friend Request option in the appearing menu.
  3. After that, wait for your friend to confirm your request.

Step 3. Once your friend has confirmed your friend’s request, you can play with your friends in this game. In other cases, if your friend sends the request to you, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the World Menu and go to Friends tab.
  2. Select Friends List option and either confirm or deny your friend’s request from the list.

Bottom Line

Is Bless Unleashed cross platform? After reading this post, you can know that Bless Unleashed is not a crossplay/cross platform game. That means it is unable for you play with your friends when you are on different platforms.

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