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About is used as the default IP address of routers like Xfinity Comcast, LPB Piso WiFi to log in admin settings at It is a private class IP address that can be used to set up a network such as a company’s or a school’s local network. Different from public IP addresses that need to be unique in the entire Internet, only needs to be unique in its own local area network.


In addition to Xfinity Comcast and LPB Piso WiFi, router manufacturers including SMC, Technicolor, Arris, and Aztech also use as their default IP address. Besides, organizations like Intelbras, Rf Net, and i-connect also produce routers that respond to

Given that fact, only works when to connect devices within the same network. It doesn’t connect to the Internet externally. How to log in Xfinity? Steps are offered in the next section. How to Log in and Troubleshoot Issues with It How to Log in and Troubleshoot Issues with It

How to log in What to do if you encounter issues or errors? This post would show you the answers to them.

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How to Log in

Before accessing, you should ensure it’s the default gateway address or the default local address of your router. Otherwise, you can’t log in to it. Then follow these steps to access admin.

Step 1: Open a web browser on your computer to enter its main page.

Step 2: Type or click in the address bar of the browser and then hit Enter.

Step 3: Then a login page will appear. You need to type the username and password of your router and click Log in.


If you don’t know the default username and password, try the default logins for in the section below. The default gateway address can be found by tying ipconfig at the Command Prompt in Windows or typing ip route | grep default in a Terminal session on macOS. If you have changed the username and password but you forgot them, reset the router to its default settings.

Step 4: After that, you will be logged into your router’s settings or admin panel.

After logging in to, you can manage the wireless settings of the router such as creating a guest network and changing the Wi-Fi password or network name (SSID).

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Default Logins for

There are 5 admin username and password combinations for Xfinity. You can try them one by one until you log into it.


IP address:

Username: admin

Password: password


IP address:

Username: admin

Password: admin


IP address:

Username: cusadmin

Password: highspeed


IP address:

Username: Cisco

Password: Cisco


IP address:

Username: highspeed

Password: cusadmin What Is It and How to Log in and Fix Login Failure What Is It and How to Log in and Fix Login Failure

What is How to log in it successfully? This post shows you answers to that. Besides, it also tells you how to fix login failure issue.

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Fix Admin Login Issues

Sometimes, you may fail to log in to Xfinity. For instance, it takes too long to respond. If so, try logging in the router with other IP addresses like,, and If the issue persists, disconnect the wire and reboot your router.

You should ensure that you enter a correct IP address. While you log into admin, don’t confuse it with Besides, 0 is the number zero rather than the letter o. You need to avoid the things below.

  1. Don’t add spaces like 10.0. 0.1.
  2. Don’t remove any dots that separate the octets. Otherwise, the IP address will become an incomplete one.
  3. Don’t add numbers or letters to the IP.

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