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Have you received the error code 0x80BD0006 when connecting to Xbox Live or using some Xbox Live features on the Xbox One console? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to fix the issue.

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Error Code 0x80BD0006

I got the following Error code 0x80bd0006 upon reviewing my Xbox Live subscription on my XOne console...The problem started a week ago when my recently-bought Halo 5 Guardians updated itself with the latest patch. Since then my console cannot log in to Xlive. -- answers.microsoft.com

Xbox One is a home electronic game console launched by Microsoft. It offers Xbox Live service, an online game and digital media service platform, which allows Xbox users to record games and store them in the cloud, download content, make live streaming online, etc.

However, some Xbox One users report that they have received the error code 0x80BD0006 when connecting to Xbox Live or using some Xbox Live features.

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How to Solve the 0x80BD0006 Error

Why does the 0x80BD0006 error occur? The most possible reason may be the corrupt profile. To repair the corrupt profile, you can try the following methods.

Fix 1. Remove and Re-Add Your Gamertag Profile

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • Navigate to Profile & system > Settings > Account > Remove accounts.
  • Select the account you want to remove and then select Remove to confirm.
  • Select Close when you are finished. Now, you have successfully removed the corrupted profile on your console. Then, you should keep going to add the correct profile back to the console.
  • Open the guide, navigate to Profile & system > Add or switch, and then select Add new.
  • Enter the password for your Microsoft account, and then select Enter.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add your existing account and profile to your Xbox One console.

2 Ways to Fix Xbox Error Code Xbox 0x8b050033

Fix 2. Check and Update Your Billing Information

The error code 0x80bd0006 may occur after you have changed banks or cards, or your payment has failed one too many times. In this case, please check your billing information and payment options and make sure you have an active subscription.

  • To update a payment option or your billing address online for PC and Xbox, please go to microsoft.com and sign in, go to Payment & billing, select Payment options or Address book, and then follow the instructions to add/update your payment option or billing information.
  • To add or update a payment option on your Xbox console, please press the Xbox button to open the guide, go to Profile & system > Settings > Account > Payment & billing, select Add a payment option, and then follow the instructions to add or update your payment option.
  • If you want to delete the incorrect payment option on your Xbox console, please go to Payment & billing, and then select Remove in the box that contains the incorrect payment option.

Fix 3. Check Network Status

If the above methods don’t work, you should check both Xbox status and your network status. If the Xbox service is down, you need to wait until the developers repair it. If your private network is not good, you can try to fix it. Then, you can refer to this post: 6 Ways to Fix Router Not Working Issues.

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