The no signal error is common on Xbox One, Xbox One X, as well as Xbox One S models. What causes Xbox One no signal error? How to resolve it? MiniTool will analyze the possible reasons and explore the available solutions for you.

Causes for Xbox One No Signal

Xbox One is the Microsoft’s 8th generation video game console, which is very popular with gamers. It works well in most time, but it sometimes still throws you some issues. According to user reports, when playing games on Xbox One, various issues like error code 0x803f8001, Xbox One not connecting to Wi-Fi, black screen, and so forth occur.

Recently, many users complain that they are unable to get their console to display on their TV or monitor and see the Xbox One no signal error on the screen. What triggers this error? After looking into multiple cases, we found some reasons.

  • Xbox One no signal to TV HDMI error is caused by a firmware glitch.
  • You might have plugged the TV into the HDMI In port rather than HDMI Out.
  • The present resolution of your Xbox One surpasses the maximum resolution of your TV or monitor.
  • The manufacturer defect is also responsible for the error.
4 Xbox One Won’t Turn on Cases and Corresponding Fixes
4 Xbox One Won’t Turn on Cases and Corresponding Fixes

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Solution 1: Power Cycle Xbox One Console

Since Xbox One no signal error can occur due to firmware glitch, you should try performing a power cycle when receive the error. A basic power cycle or hard reset can resolve plenty of Xbox One errors and bugs. This method is simple and easy, which only take you a few minutes.

How to do that? Here is a complete guide for you.

Step 1: If you have turned on your Xbox One console, press and hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds or until the front LED stops flashing.

Step 2: After completely turning off the console, wait for some time. To ensure that the operation carries on successfully, you can disconnect the power cable. Plug the cable back before turning on the console.

Step 3: Press the Xbox button again to turn on the console.

Tip: In the startup process, see if the initial animation logo appears on the TV screen. If it appears, run the console normally. If it doesn’t show up, try other solutions instead.

Solution 2: Check the HDMI Cable

If there are potential issues with the current using HDMI cable, Xbox One console may be unable to build and maintain a connection with the displaying device. This factor is very possible especially your screen flickers before showing the no signal error.

In this case, you should check your HDMI cable and see if there are any bent pins. These pins can cause connection interruption. If there’s no obvious damage, try replacing the cable with a new one.

Solution 3: Try a Different HDMI Port

As mentioned above, Xbox One no signal error appears if you plug the HDMI In port to the Out port. Hence, you should try a different HDMI port when receive the error. Here are some tips for you.

1. Plug the HDMI cord into the HDMI OUT TO TV port on the back of the Xbox.

2. Make sure that the HDMI cord connection to the console is safe.

3. Inspect that the HDMI cord connection to the TV is secure.

4. Ensure that both the TV and Xbox One console are turned on.

5. Check that the TV is configured to the correct input signal (HDMI).

Solution 4: Turn off HDCP

If you encounter HDCP issues with an HDMI splitter or you’re using a capture card like Elgato and Avermedia, open the Xbox Energy-saving mode to turn off HDCP.

Are you struggling to resolve Xbox One no signal to TV HDMI error? Here are 4 available solutions for you.

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