WS-37337-3 is an error message you might see while you try to access the PlayStation Network on the PS4 console. It usually indicates your PSN account has been suspended. So, in this article from MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can learn how long is the ban and how to fix the WS 37337 3 issue.

What Is WS-37337-3 on PS4

If your PlayStation 4 doesn’t allow you to access PlayStation Network and you get the WS-37337-3 error, it means your PSN account has been suspended. The full error message should read: “Access to PlayStation Network by this account has been banned or temporarily suspended. (WS-37337-3)” or “Access to PlayStation Network by this account has been temporarily suspended due to policy violations. An email with more details will be sent to the email address for this account. Also, refer to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement. (WS-37337-3).”

Banned or suspended PSN accounts may not access PlayStation Network or use its products and services. Games, items and other digital content you paid for will also be unavailable.

Typically, Sony will send an email to the ID you have registered with your PSN account to further describe the problem and tell you how long the ban will last. However, you can also contact them if there is any confusion. As long as your account is banned, you will not be able to access PSN, play any online games, and will not be able to use any digital content or items you pay for.

Your account may be banned or suspended for a number of reasons, including violating the PSN Terms of Service (ToS) or Code of Conduct (CoC), your bank’s failure to pay for your PSN subscription, or Sony may simply suspect fraudulent activity on your account.

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How to Fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error

There are several applicable ways to fix the WS 37337 3 error and you can have a try.

Way 1: Check Your Email

If your PlayStation Network account is banned or suspended, you can check your email from Sony to find out why.

If this happens because the account is logged in from a different IP, Sony may think your account has been hacked. To recover your account, you will need to complete the verification process via email. You will then receive another email within a few business days to lift your account ban.

Way 2: Review for ToS or CoC Violations

While Sony’s email notification should provide information about your account ban or suspension, you may also choose to review the PlayStation ToS and accompanying CoC for details of the violation.

Way 3: Check Your Bank

If you don’t think you’ve violated the ToS or CoC, there may be a problem with your payment options. This can happen if you prevent your bank from forwarding payments to your Sony PSN account, or if your payment option doesn’t have the necessary funds.

Way 4: Sign in to Your Account on Another Device

You can double-check your account for sign-in issues by signing in with another device. Try to see if you can log in with a mobile device or another PS4. If you have access to PlayStation Network on your phone or other gaming consoles, just log out of your account on your primary PS4 and log back in.

Way 5: Contact the PlayStation Support Team

If you have tried all the steps above and still cannot fix the PSN WS-37337-3 error, your PSN account may have been permanently banned/suspended. In this case, you need to contact Sony Customer Support for further assistance.

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