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Vudu error code 28

Vudu enables users to watch movies and TV shows online, which makes it popular. Unfortunately, some users report that they encounter the error code 28 on Vudu. To solve the problem, MiniTool Partition Wizard puts together some solutions in this post.

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Vudu is an American digital video store and streaming service. You can access the service by visiting its official website or downloading the app from Microsoft Store. Vudu provides some free movies and TV shows. You can also rent from over 150,000 titles and watch the latest releases weeks before Netflix and Redbox.

Unfortunately, some users received error code 28 on Vudu. It prevents them from enjoying their favorite movies and it is pretty annoying.

How to fix error code 28 on Vudu? The error usually happens due to an issue with your internet configurations or DNS configurations. Here are some methods that you can try to solve the problem.

Tip: Before you try the following solutions, you should restart your router or modem to make sure your internet works well.

Method 1: Disable Your Firewall Temporarily

Sometimes your firewall might prevent your app from connecting to the internet. If you encounter error code 28 on Vudu, you should disable your firewall temporarily and check if Vudu works properly. Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1: Press Win + I to open Windows Settings. Select Update & Security.

Step 2: In the left pane, select Windows Security. In the right pane, click Firewall & network protection.

Step 3: In the pop-up window, select your currently active network. Here I choose the Public network.

select the active network

Step 4: In the following window, toggle down the button for Windows Defender Firewall.

turn off Windows Defender Firewall

Now, you can access Vudu again. If error code 28 disappears, you need to turn on Windows Defender Firewall and allow Vudu through Windows Defender Firewall. If the error code still exists, you can jump to the next method after turning on Windows Defender Firewall.

To allow the app through Windows Defender Firewall, you just need to open Control Panel and navigate to System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall > Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall. Then click Change settings > Allow another app and add the Vudu.exe file to the list.

Method 2: Change DNS Server Address

You could also encounter Vudu error code 28 when the DNS on your PC is not configured properly. To solve the problem, you can try Google’s default DNS addresses by following the steps below.

Step 1: Press Win + R to invoke the Run window. Then type ncpa.cpl in the box and click OK to open the Network Connections window.

Step 2: Right-click the network you are currently using and select Properties.

Step 3: In the pop-up window, switch to the Networking tab and double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to open its properties.

Step 4: Under the General tab, select Use the following DNS server address and type the following values:

  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternate DNS Server:

change DNS server address

Step 5: Click OK for each window to save the changes.

After changing the DNS server address, you can check if the error code on Vudu has been solved.

Method 3: Reinstall Vudu

If the Vudu error code 28 shows up anyway, you might need to reinstall the app. You can follow this article to uninstall Vudu: How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 10? Here Are Methods. Then download the Vudu app from Microsoft Store and install it again.

download Vudu app

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