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Steam cloud

If you have used Steam for a long time with Steam cloud sync enabled, there might be many unwanted files and backups you need to delete to free up some space for new games. If you don’t know how to delete the Steam cloud saves, you can read this tutorial provided by MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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Cloud services are popular storage solutions nowadays.

Steam, one of the best gaming platforms, offers a cloud feature, too. It provides an easy way to save your game data (including game settings, saved games, profile status and other user-specific bits) on a remote storage system. These data will persist on an account regardless of which machine it is logged into. Therefore, this is particularly useful when you change your computer.

To enable it for a certain game, you just need to go to LIBRARY and right-click the target game and select Properties. Then select UPDATES tab and check Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for the game under Steam Cloud section.

enable Steam Cloud

If you have used Steam Cloud for months or even years, there might be a lot of game files or old backups which are not useful anymore. In this case, you can delete them to free up some space for new games.

How to delete Steam cloud saves? Here is the tutorial.

To delete Steam cloud saves, you need to take four moves. Firstly, make sure you have enabled Steam cloud feature. Secondly, delete the AppID folder of Steam. Thirdly, trigger the Steam cloud conflict. Finally, delete the stored cloud files. For more detailed information, refer to the steps below.

Move 1: Make Sure the Steam Cloud Is Enabled

Step 1: Open Steam, and click Steam button on the upper left corner. Then select Settings.

Step 2: Click Cloud tab and make sure the option Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for the applications which support it has been checked.

check Cloud settings

Step 3: Go to LIBRARY and make sure the Steam cloud feature has been enabled for your game, too.

If both options are enabled, it indicates the game has been backed up on the Steam cloud. Then you can continue to delete Steam cloud saves.

Move 2: Delete the AppID Folder

The second move to delete Steam cloud saves is to delete the AppID folder of Steam.

You need to open File Explorer and navigate to the Steam > userdata directory (the folder where Steam is installed). There should be a folder corresponding to your Steam ID. Open the Steam ID folder and you can find some folders for each game which is identified using the AppID.

Tip: You can check the AppID by visiting the game in Steam Store and extracting it from the URL.

Look for the App ID folder corresponding to the target game and delete it. Then restart your computer and go to Move 3.

Move 3: Trigger the Steam Cloud Conflict Dialogue

Step 1: Make sure Steam is closed completely in Task Manager.

Step 2: Go to Steam > userdata > SteamID> AppID > remote.

Step 3: Hold Shift and right-click the remote folder. Then select Open PowerShell window here.

select Open PowerShell window here

Step 4: Input the following command line in PowerShell and press Enter to execute it.

clc –path “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\SteamID\AppID\remote\*”

Then launch Steam and you will receive the Steam cloud conflict window.

Move 4: Delete Stored Cloud Files

Step 1: Again, go to Steam > userdata > SteamID> AppID and then delete the remote folder and remotecache.vdf file in it.

Step 2: Go back to the Steam cloud conflict window and select UPLOAD TO THE STEAM CLOUD. Then Steam will sync your AppID folder where includes nothing. So, the previous data on your Steam cloud will be deleted.


Step 3: The target game will start automatically after Step 2. You need to pay attention the new files will be synced to your Steam cloud when you close the game. So you need to disable the Steam cloud feature. Just press Alt + Tab to go back to Steam app. Then navigate to Settings > Cloud and uncheck Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for the applications which support it.

Step 4: Close the game and exit Steam. Then delete the AppID folder again.

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