With Samsung DeX app, you can enjoy a desktop experience out of their mobile device. Now, it has a new version that can run on Windows and MacOS app. If you want to know about this app, come to this post.

Run Samsung DeX as Windows and MacOS App

Samsung Dex

It is reported earlier by Android Police, a new version of the Samsung DeX app has been issued. With the Galaxy note 10, you can run Samsung DeX as Windows and MacOS app, which enables the features on your mobile phone and computer co-exist on the same screen.

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Samsung DeX new features can work with both Windows and MacOS. Its interface keeps the same as previous Samsung DeX versions, but now it run as Windows and MacOS app. With this app, you can interact with your phone’s software, answer calls, and send messages alongside your computer’s apps. In other word, it is a PC app.

Furthermore, it is easier to share large documents from one to the other, because this app enables you to drag and drop files from the DeX window to your computer easily. Unlike the Link to Windows feature, Samsung DeX still requires a USB-C cable between your phone and computer with the Note 10. But the Link to Windows feature allows you to interact with notifications and messages from your PC, without completely mirroring the handset’s apps on your computer.

Samsung DeX Compatibility

This new Samsung DeX app only works with the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus at the moment. And it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, and MacOS 10.13 or later.

In order to run Samsung DeX smoothly, you have to meet the following hardware and software requirements as well:

  • Mobile Devices: Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note 8, Note 9, and Tab S4.
  • Operating System: Android N onwards (API level 24 or above).
  • External Display: Samsung DeX with SEP v9.0 supports FHD(1920×1080, 16:9), HD+(1600×900, 16:9), and WQHD(2560×1440, 16:9)
  • Other: DeX Station or DeX Pad, Samsung branded fast charger, mouse and keyboard (BT, USB or RF type)

Right now, I believe you have a general understanding for Samsung DeX. So, you may wonder how Samsung DeX works. Please keep reading the following part.

How Samsung DeX Works

If you want to switch into Samsung DeX using the station or pad, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect the Samsung DeX station to an external display using a HDMI cable.

Step 2. Connect the DeX station to a power source with faster chargers.

Step 3. Connect the keyboard and mouse to your mobile device via Bluetooth or USB Type-C cable.

Step 4. Place your mobile device on the DeX station.

In addition, you can switch into Samsung Dex using a HDMI adapter. Only 2 simple steps are required.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Note 10 or Tab 4 to an external display using HDMI or USB Type-C cable.

Step 2. Connect the keyboard and mouse to your mobile device through Bluetooth. Or USB dongle is also a good alternative.

When an app is running in Samsung DeX, there are three different Windows types you can adopt.

  • Fixed-size Window: As for the apps that cannot work with Android N Multi-Window standards, they only operate in a fixed mobile dimension and cannot be re-sized.
  • Resizable Window:As for the apps that comply with Android N Multi-Window standards, they operate in Free-Form Multi-Window Mode and can be re-sized based on needs.
  • Not supported:As for the apps that are impractical to be used in Samsung DeX such as Samsung Car mode, they also require finger-touch and restrict the use of a mouse.
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