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What Is PlayStation Game Share

The PlayStation game sharing refers to the process to make the purchased games can be played on multiple devices. There’s a slight difference on different generations of the PlayStation console.

To game share on the PS4, you can set a console as your primary PlayStation, which means that anyone who logs onto that device can play the downloaded games on it.

As for PS5 game sharing, the Console Sharing and Offline Play feature enables you to link a specific console to your account. After that, other users of that console can share your games and media.

Gameshare works the same as lending some a physical disk, which indicates that you can digitally lend someone your game. However, you can’t play at the same time.

Can you game share on PS5? Some people doubt that. The answer is absolutely “Yes”. You can game share PS5 via the Console Sharing and Offline Play feature. You’d better learn the pros and cons of game sharing before doing that.

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Pros and Cons of the PS4/PS5 Game Sharing

Activating console sharing is an effective method to share games on one console between all users who live in a shared situation. You can share the game purchases cost with others, which saves a lot of money.

Tip: If you own the PS5 Digital Edition, you can do as prompted in the disc. It works too.

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The game sharing PS5 doesn’t have apparent drawbacks, but it has a limit on PlayStation Now – Sony’s games-on-demand service. It means that a person who is not signed up for the service even with console sharing activated for both accounts is unable to make use of the subscription.

In addition, he will be prompted to subscribe before streaming any games whenever he switches to the PlayStation Now menu in the game library.

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How to Game Share on PS5

The Console Sharing and Offline Play feature to PS5 is what primary PS4 to PS4. One account can have both a primary PS4 and a primary PS5 active simultaneously.

Step 1: Sign into the console as yourself not as someone else with an account on the system.

Step 2: Open the Settings menu and then click Users and Accounts to continue.

Step 3: Scroll down to find and click Other.

Step 4: Tap Console Sharing and Offline Play. After that, enable the option in the prompted submenu.

Tip: By default, the option seems to be enabled automatically when you sign in for the first time. If you enable the setting on a new PS5 console, the Console Sharing and Offline Play setting on your other PS5 console will be disabled. Then others can’t play your games and media on these consoles.

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Bonus Guide: How to Game Share on PS4

To game share on PS4, you can follow these steps.

Tip: Both users need a PlayStation Plus subscription for gameshare on PS4.

Step 1: Log into your PlayStation account on a friend’s PS4 console.

Step 2: Open Settings and then click Account Management.

Step 3: Choose Activate as Your Primary PS4 and confirm the operation. You might be required to deactivate your own PS4. For that, refer to this guide: Deactivate Primary PS4 – Everything You Need to Know.

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