PS4 is a great console, but its HDMI port has a high chance of failure, which has been reported by many PS4 users. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard discusses the most-concerned topic “PS4 HDMI port repair” by those users and reveals the answers to the questions like “can ps4 HDMI ports be repaired” and “how much does it cost to fix the HDMI port on PS4”. Start reading.

PS4 HDMI Port Break Down

Undoubtfully, PS4 is a great console, popular with a sea of players. However, unfortunately, it has some flaws in the design. HDMI port on PS4 is one of them.

PS4 HDMI port

HDMI port is soldered using little tiny pins to a motherboard inside the PS4 and relays the video and audio signal from the console to a display device like a TV. It is so weak and easy to break, and once it breaks down, there is a “no signal” message on the PS4 screen, as the following users reported:

The HDMI output to my PS4 recently broke. The pins inside the PS4 jammed and broke off. Now my PS4 has no output

Another sign of broken PS4 HDMI port is that there is no picture on the PS4 screen.

If you receive the error message like “no signal” or see no picture on your PS4 screen, it likely that your PS4 HDMI ports get damaged. What to do if that is the case? Keep reading.

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PS4 HDMI Port Repair

When one thing gets damaged, you can first try repairing it. Can PS4 HDMI port be repaired? Sadly, there is no repair method for broken PS4 HDMI port, and the one thing you can do is to replace the broken PS4 HDMI port with a good one. The “PS4 HDMI port repair cost” is not expensive – the PS4 HDMI port is sold at the price in the range of $5.99 to $15.99 on Amazon.

Note: It is highly not recommended that you do a DIY repair unless you don’t mind damaging your PS4 console further.

Once you prepare the new HDMI port, you can follow the guide below to conduct the replacement.

Step 1: Use security Torx screwdrivers to disassemble the PS4 console.

Step 2: De-solder the broken HDMI port from the motherboard.

Step 3: Solder the new HDMI port in.

Step 4: Assemble the PS4 console.

Step 5: Test the HDMI port to make sure everything works correctly.

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Bottom Line

When the PS4 HDMI port breaks, you will receive the error message saying “no single” or see no picture on your PS4 screen. To get rid of the trouble, you should replace the broken HDMI port with a new one immediately as HDMI port damage can lead to further problems with the PS4 console. And, a new HDMI port won’t cost too much.

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