Have you noticed that Microsoft Paint gets a new look in Windows 11? On October 10, 2021, Microsoft released the latest version of Windows. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces the redesigned Windows 11 Microsoft Paint.

Microsoft Paint, also referred to as MS Paint and Paint, is a raster graphics editor included in Microsoft Windows, an operating system provided by Microsoft. Due to its easy-to-use user interface and simple features, MS Paint is widely used for simple image manipulation tasks.

The first version of Paint appeared along as Windows 1.0 and it has been developed again and again with the development of Windows.

In 2017, Microsoft announced that they plan to deprecate Paint and put it into Microsoft Store as a free standalone program. However, this program is so popular among Windows users that Microsoft decided to include it as a preinstalled application in Windows 10 and 11 eventually.

And in the insider preview build of Windows 11 released for the Dev channel in August 2021, MS Paint gets a new look in Windows 11 along with a variety of new designs. More specifically, Windows 11 Paint gets a new user interface, improved font picker, and a dark theme. Now, let’s see them one by one in detail.

Nowadays, Windows 11 official version is available and you can enjoy the new Microsoft Paint free by getting the update through Microsoft Store.

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Redesigned MS Paint Outlook in Windows 11

If you have upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 11, you might notice that most apps in Windows 11 are designed with rounded corners, such as Settings, Control Panel, etc. MS Paint gets a new look in Windows 11, too.

On Windows 11, MS Paint gets an updated user interface (UI) designed with rounded corners and Mica, which matches the new visual design of Windows 11 and makes it more fashionable and gentle.

What’s more, the toolbar of Paint on Windows 11 is simplified and comes with new icon designs, such as rounded color palettes. Some tools like brushes, stroke size, and flip/rotate controls are included in a new set of drop-down menus, as you can see in the following picture.

MS Paint Windows 11

Redesigned MS Paint Font Picker in Windows 11

Windows 11 Paint also gets a redesigned font picker. Users can access it by clicking the “A” icon in the toolbar of Paint. With the new font picker, users can change the alignment of the texts and switch between fonts easily.

MS Paint Dark Theme in Windows 11

In addition, Microsoft also plans to add a dark theme, a centered canvas, and updated dialogs which are yet to be updated with the Windows 11 Paint’s new design. The dark mode can bring the Paint app in line with Windows 11 and you can keep an eye on the update in the future.

Windows 11 New Photos App

Besides MS Paint, the Photos app also gets a new look on Windows 11 in the Dev Channel, mainly including a new visual design and updated photo editing toolbar.

  • The Windows 11 Photos app allows users to quickly change their photos directly within the viewer that displays all the items from a location on the PC.
  • Windows 11 Photos app provides a new multi-view tool that allows users to view multiple photos in a window.
  • The editing tools can be hidden while users are viewing a picture and they can click the screen to show the hidden tools.
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