Mouse and keyboard connectors are necessary if you want to connect the mouse and keyboard to your PC. MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces several mouse and keyboard connector types for you.

Top 3 Types of Keyboard Connectors

As the name of keyboard connectors suggests, it can connect the keyboard to your computer.

Keyboard cables may utilize one of keyboard connector types. When you type on the keyboard, the chip in the keyboard examines the matrix and chooses the data to send into your computer. It preserves these figures in its memory buffer and then sends the information.

In the recent years, many types of keyboards link with the computer through different types of ports. There are three keyboard connector types, which deserve your attention.

1. 5-PIN DIN Connector: This type of keyboard connector has been the first prevalent non-proprietary keyboard cable connector. It could be called the AT connector, or even the IBM system that popularized this structure. Now, these connectors are not widely used.

2. 6-PIN Mini DIN Connector: You have probably heard of PS/2 connector. 6-PIN Mini DIN connector is generally known as a PS/2 connector. In particularly, its color always be purple and its size is bigger, which is designed to distinguish from the same mouse connector.

Tip: This type of keyboard connector is commonly used in desktop computers. The purpose of it is to perform the serial data transfer between peripherals of the PC to the laptop.

3. USB: USB connector is one of keyboard connector types. This miniature rectangular connector is a significant upgrade over the DIN connector form. It’s worth noticing that USB connectors are hot-swappable, which means you can plug in or out without turning the machine on or off.

That’ all about keyboard connector types that we want to share with you. If you are interested in the types of keyboards, you can click here to have a look.

Top 5 Types of Mouse Connectors

We introduce you the types of mouse connectors in chronological order.

1. Bus: Through a specialized bus interface implemented via an ISA add-in card, Bus mouse could connect to the PC. With the development of computer technology, bus mice are not used today.

2. Serial Port: It is a physical communication interface. Information could be transferred in and out of the computer bit by bit through this port. We usually refer to the mouse that uses serial port as serial mouse.

Tip: Serial port is a D-type 9 pin mal port at the back of the motherboard. The corresponding connector must be a female connector.

3. PS/2 Mouse Connector: It is a 6-PIN Mini DIN connector used for connecting keyboard to a PC compatible computer system. f you want to reboot your computer after connecting a PS2 device, this type of connector is a good choice. It appeared in PS/2 systems and continued to be used in newer designs.

Tip: You need to connect your mouse to the green PS/2 port on the back of your computer. Some PS/2 ports are not color-coded, but do not worry. The PS/2 mouse port is the furthest port from the left side of computer chassis, and you can find it here.

4. USB: In addition to keyboard, the mouse can also connect to the PC through USB. The USB mouse has a physical shape and appearance similar to the others. The only difference is the connector that connects to the USB port on the back of the PC. As one of the mouse and keyboard connector types, USB becomes more and more useful because of its convenience.

Tip: You have probably noticed that the upgrading of mouse depends on the types of ports.

5. The wireless keyboard or mouse: It is one of the latest mouse and keyboard connector types that does not use a cable to connect to the back of your computer. Some of the them can connect via a USB receiver while others make use of the Bluetooth connection.

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