You may be accustomed to using the keyboards that comes with the computers. In fact, there are many types of keyboards you can choose to fit your needs. Find the details from MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Top 8 Types of Keyboards

Your keyboard that comes with your computer may not fit your work style or game style. Try to imagine that you can enjoy the immersive display experience with the strong sense of button and light keys of your keyboard when you play computer games. Besides, imagine again the results that you use the gaming keyboards to finish your work tasks.

It is recommended that you choose the most suitable keyboard from multiple types of keyboards to improve your typing experience. Here are the introductions to the keyboard types.

  • Mechanical Keyboard: It is regarded as the most primitive one. It is long-lasting, but its sound is louder than any others. If you want to experience the feeling of real typing, you can have a shot at it.
  • Membrane Keyboard: Compared with mechanical keyboard, membrane keyboard is relatively quiet and more portable. The keys of membrane keyboards are not separate, but rather pressure pads that have only outlines and symbols printed on a flat or flexible surface.
  • Flexible Keyboard: It is usually made of soft silicone that is highly portable and attached to your computer through a USB. If you are a travel enthusiast or often go on a business trip, you are supposed to choose this one. You can put a flexible keyboard into your bag because it could be rolled up.
  • Wireless Keyboard: As implied by its name, wireless keyboard is a kind of keyboard without a wire. Wireless keyboard is connected to your computer with infrared, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So, you can type or control your computer without the limit of wires.
  • Virtual Keyboard: It helps you type without the physical keys just like the touch screen on the telephone. There are more and more personal computers with virtual keyboard on the market. If you are thinking of buying a new computer, you may have a go.
  • Ergonomic Keyboard: If you type too much each day, ergonomic keyboard is your first choice. The ergonomic keyboard is designed to let your hands fall naturally to reduce the strain of constant typing on the wrist. You can choose one such as split keyboards, contoured to hand-held keyboards and so on to relieve the wrist fatigue.
  • Gaming Keyboard: If you are a hobbyist of games, just try the gaming keyboard. There are many lighted keys in the keyboard. Hence, you can use it in the night or a dark room to have a nice experience. Besides, you will find that there is an extra thick coat of paint on the keys such as W, A, S, D and the space bar.
Tip: Gaming keyboard also belongs to Ergonomic Keyboard, because the designers of gaming keyboard have considered the gamers’ long time using of computers.
  • Multimedia/Internet Keyboard: It is designed to make it simple for users to access often-used programs. There are some hotkeys to execute orders efficiently like back, forward, stop and refresh buttons. If you are a multimedia designer, this kind of keyboard deserves your attention.

How to Choose Keyboards?

There are some factors to consider when choosing one keyboard from multiple different keyboards.

  1. Wireless or wired: If you need control your computer in a relative comfortable situation like sofa or bed, you can choose the wireless one.
  2. The main purpose of using computer: You can choose the most suitable one from various types of keyboards depending on your job or entertainment requirements.
  3. The compatibility: Do not forget to check if the keyboard is compatible with the existing computer system.
  4. The comfort: Ergonomic keyboard can relieve the fatigue of typing. The comfort of typing deserves more and more people’s attention.
  5. The budget: Of course, the budget remains one of the most significant measures of consuming.

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Bottom Line

This post tells you the different keyboards and how to choose keyboards. Remember that all the types of keyboards are designed for the specific use. It’ time for you to pick one to improve your typing experience.

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