Facial recognition is an advanced biometric identification technique, which can be used to identify through the face. For many users, Windows 11 facial recognition is convenient, fast and the anti-counterfeiting ability is strong. Well, how to set up facial login in Windows 11? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard tells you that.

Log in to Windows 11 with Facial Recognition

Using Windows 11 facial recognition helps you to open your computer fast and safely. You just need to sit in front of the computer and open it without touching it. It is more convenient.

To log in to Windows 11 with facial recognition, you firstly need to enable camera in Windows 11 and then set up login facial recognition.

How to Enable Camera in Windows 11

Here are some steps to enable the camera:

Step 1: Click the Windows icon and then choose the Settings option from the menu.

click Windows icon and choose Settings

Step 2: On the Windows 11 Settings window, choose the Privacy & security setting on the left side.

choose Settings from Privacy & security

Step 3: Scroll down the right side of the window to the App permissions part. Then, find the Camera option and click it.

click Camera

Step 4: Find the option Camera access on the right side of the window. Then toggle it on.

click Camera access

Note: On this current window, you can see other software that needs cameras, and you can also choose that you want to enable or disable.

After that, you can use your camera to log in to Windows 11 with facial recognition.

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How to Set up Facial Recognition Login in Windows 11

Some steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Settings and choose Accounts from the left side.

click Accounts

Step 2: Click Sign-in options. In this option, there are many ways to sign in to Windows.

click Sign-in options

Step 3: Click Facial recognition Windows Hello and click Set up, which allows you to use your face to sign in to Windows, apps, and services.

set up Facial recognition (Windows Hello)

Step 4: A Windows Hello setup window will appear. And then click Get started.

Note: If you have a PIN set up, you will be asked to enter your PIN now. If you have not set up a PIN, Windows 11 will prompt you to set one up now, and you will not have a choice in the matter.

click Get started

Step 5: Look at the camera, and the camera will scan your face and save it.

Step 6: Click Close.

Note: If you want to scan again for another look (for example, with or without makeup), you can click Improve recognition. If you don’t, you click Close.

click Close

In this way, you have set up login in Windows 11 with facial recognition. The next time you turn on the computer, let your computer camera scan your face to log in to Windows 11, which is very convenient and safe.

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Bottom Line

The above content is all about how to log in to Windows 11 with facial recognition. Do you have any questions about this content? If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment zone and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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