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How to Make a Copy of Hidden Partitions for Better Protection

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    To hide a partition is an effective way to prevent important files from being seen by others or deleted by virus, and this operation can be completed via removing the drive letter. In Windows OS, system reserved partition (on MBR disk), EFI system partition (on GPT disk), recovery partition and OEM partition are always hidden since they are saving files about Windows. Nevertheless, current viruses are so powerful that files saved in hidden partitions may be attacked. Therefore, it is a wise choice to clone hidden partitions. However, many users do not have any idea on how to make a copy of hidden partitions since this kind of partitions are a little bit special.

    Actually, what users need is a piece free drive clone software. Nevertheless, though there are many programs for users to download, most work for visible partitions only. To be specific, they are unable to clone hidden partitions. Aiming at this situation, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard since it is free, safe, and powerful. Well then, how to make a copy of hidden partitions with this program? For detailed steps, please see the following example.

    How to Make a Copy of Hidden Partitions with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Firstly, we should run this program to get its starting interface, and then choose “Launch Application” module to get the following main window:

    minitool partition wizard main interface

    In the main window we need to select the hidden partition which needs copying and then choose the function “Copy Partition” from the left pane. After selection, the following interface will appear:

    how to make a copy of hidden partition mark a place to save the copy

    Here, we need to choose an existing partition or unallocated space from any disk to save the copy of the hidden partition and click “Next>”. Note: all data on the existing partition will be destroyed, so please transfer important ones out in advance.

    how to make a copy of hidden partition move resize partition

    Now we can change the size and location for the partition which saves the copy of hidden partition. Then, click “Finish” to go back to the main interface:

    how to make a copy of hidden partition apply change

    At last, click “Apply” button and the free drive clone software will clone the selected hidden partition automatically.

    After seeing the example above, users would know how to make a copy of hidden partitions. If there are hidden partitions with important files saved on your computer, clone them for better protection. Furthermore, if users want to clone the entire hard disk rather than a single partition, please see Copy Disk.