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How to Fix a Bad Partitioned Hard Disk without Data Loss

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    As many users know, a brand new hard disk can not be used to save data until we partition it. To be specific, users need to initialize the disk to MBR or GPT, and then create partitions where data can reside. Nevertheless, without knowing future demands, most users just partition the disk at random. As a result, they may get a poorly partitioned hard disk, for example some partitions are running out of space while other partitions are filled with free space. Well then, how to fix a bad partitioned disk when data have been saved? Next, we will give Windows users some suggestions.

    How to Fix a Bad Partitioned Disk in Windows Disk Management

    Disk Management console especially in newer Windows OS, like Windows 7 and Windows 8, provides users with some features to repartitioned hard disk as the following screenshot shows:

    With this tool users can:
    1.Create new partitions when there is unallocated space or free space.
    2.Set a primary partition active.
    3.Change drive letter and path for a specified partition.
    4.Format a partition (it will result in data loss).
    5.Extend a primary partition when there is contiguous unallocated space on the right or extend a logical drive when contiguous free space is located on the right.
    6.Delete useless partitions.

    Nevertheless, these functions are not enough to meet actual demands since users sometimes need to convert partition file system, set new label, change cluster size, merge partitions, extend partition by borrowing free space from other partitions, or perform other advanced operations. At this time, a third party partitioning freeware is needed. Here, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard to repartition hard disk since it will not bring damage to data.

    How to Fix a Bad Partitioned Disk with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    When users have downloaded and installed the partitioning freeware to computer, please launch it to get its main interface:

    Here, disk management functions are shown, such as Align All Partitions, Rebuild MBR, and Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk. To manage a certain partition, users need to select the corresponding partition, and then all performable functions will appear on action panel:

    With these functions, users can repartition the target hard disk without data loss. Detailed prompts will be shown in every step, and users only need to do as the partitioning freeware tells.

    Now users would know how to fix a bad partition disk. Take the best solution according to actual demands.