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Free Hard Disk Optimization Software Helps Optimize Disk Performance

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    To optimize a hard disk, users need to do a lot of operations, among which disk and partition management plays a quite important role. So how to manage disk and partitions well? Users need a piece of free hard disk optimization software.

    Partitioning Operations Which Can Optimize Disk Performance

    There are lots of operations that can help enhance disk performance, including resize partition, move partition location, convert MBR to GPT, format partition, change cluster size, align partitions, and so on:
    Resize partition: make the best use of disk space since it can extend a small partition or shrink a large partition.
    Move partition location: move the partition where there is bad sector to a safe place and hide the bad area.
    Convert MBR disk to GPT: GPT supports large-capacity disks while MBR disk can only recognize 2TB space.
    Format partition: it is very useful to fix file system error.
    Change cluster size: users had better set the partition which mainly saves large files with large cluster, which can increase data read-write speed. Or set the partition which stores small files with small cluster for it can save lots of disk space.
    Align partition: this issue is much related to solid state disk (SSD). Aligning partitions will quicken read-write speed and lengthen disk service time.

    Nevertheless, Windows built-in tools can only complete a quite small part of partitioning operations, and free hard disk optimization software is requisite. Well then, which software should users choose? Here, we highly suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard, because it can help complete almost all partitioning operations without data loss.

    How to Optimize Disk Performance with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Firstly, download and install the free hard disk optimization software to computer. Then, run it to get the main interface:

    free hard disk optimization software manage disk

    To manage a disk, please select the target disk and choose a suitable function from the left pane.

    free hard disk optimization software manage partition

    To manage a partition, please select the destination partition and choose the needed function from the action panel.

    Detailed prompts will be given to show users specific operations, and users just need to do as told. When all changes have been made, please click “Apply” on the top left corner to apply all operations.

    Do you want to optimize disk performance? Resorting to the free hard disk optimization software MiniTool Partition Wizard would be a great choice.