If you are seeking for information about fake IP address, you come to the right place. Here, MiniTool would explain it and tell you how to obtain it to keep your information safe.

The IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is a unique address that can identify the hardware connected to a network. Like the home address, it helps in the identification and location of your connection and hardware. Moreover, it enables your device to communicate with other devices over the Internet.

However, your IP address could be used to collect personal information about you once it gets leaked. For instance, hackers can trace your location and activities via your IP address. If you don’t want to take these risks, try using a fake IP address.

Tip: Your IP address can be traced by your ISP, companies, law enforcement, advertisers, and cybercriminals. Two of the most popular uses for fake IPs are gaming and anonymity online.

What Is a Fake IP Address

A fake IP address is an IP address that isn’t valid in the context of Internet protocols. Then people can’t connect to it with their computers or mobile devices. Fake IPs are common on servers hosted in foreign countries and they have less strict laws than the USA or Europe.

The fake IP address can help you remain anonymous online, appear from a different location, unblock sites, access blocked content everywhere, bypass online censorship, avoid online surveillance, encrypt Internet connection over public Wi-Fi, etc. Plenty of people use fake IP addresses because of the these reasons.

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How to Get Fake IP Address

The fake IP address is usually used by hackers and some companies. Hackers have several ways to obtain fake IP addresses, including dedicated servers, primate servers, VPN, TOR networks, etc.

  • VPN services to obtain fake IP address: You can connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and use different IP addresses to access the Internet. The VPN makes the Internet connection more secure and anonymous by encrypting your traffic and replacing the IP address with a different one. Based on the source of the IP addresses used, VPNs are categorized as Datacenter VPN and residential VPN.
  • Proxies to spoof IP address: Proxies are similar to VPNs in most aspects. Differently, you are not required to install any software to use proxy. The proxy server is a server that sits between clients; computers and websites on the Internet. Proxies are meant for Internet marketing tasks that require IP to be faked. Main types of proxies include Datacenter proxies, Residential proxies, and Web proxies.
  • TOR to get fake IP address: TOR (The Onion Router) is an anonymity network that enables anonymous communication on the Internet by hiding the IP addresses and replacing them with different ones.

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Fake IP Generators

As every IP address denotes either an existing server or device connected to the Internet, the only thing that could be considered fake is unused IP addresses. Read here, you may wonder what about random IP generators.

Actually, they are used by developers and programmers to test scripting, networks, or if a code is correct on different browsers. Then terms like “mock IP” and “dummy IP” come into being.

The mock IP address is just a mock version of an IP. So, it isn’t an actual IP. Instead, it is a numerical sequence that imitates an IP address. The dummy IP address is something like that, but it’s an IP. It’s a local IP address but without a connection response, which means that it can’t connect to anything.

Note: Both the mock IP address and dummy IP address are different from fake IPs.
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