This post explains what are Elden Ring incantations and then tells you how to cast them. Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you all the details.

What Are Elden Ring Incantations

Incantations are Faith-based spells in Elden Ring, which means that the spells depend on the Faith stat. Given that fact, Elden Ring incantations are almost entirely restricted to healing, buffs, and dealing damage to the undead.

Incantations Elden Ring function like a combination of Miracles and Pyromancies from Dark Souls 3. They are extraordinarily powerful that have great effects in battle. How to use incantations Elden Ring? This post offers you a full guide.


In addition to typical weapons like daggers, swords, katanas, and blades, Elden Ring also contains special powers in the form of incantations. With that power, your character can call upon any number of supernatural entities or forces such as gods, demons, spirits, or primordial forces.

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Preparations to Use Incantations Elden Ring

Sacred Seals are vital to cast Elden Ring incantations, but they are scattered throughout the game world. To find the one that suits your character and playstyle best, you have to experiment with different spells. Some gamers may prefer the versatility of a multi-purpose incantation, while others would like to focus on a specific area like healing or defense.

You can choose one incantation according to your preference. How to cast incantations Elden Ring? Before doing that, you should do the following preparatory work first.


This guide can work on all the devices you’re playing Elden Ring on.

Stage 1: level up your Faith and Mind

Different from another special power in the game, incantations use Faith instead of intelligence. Based on that fact, you should have the correct stats to use incantation effectively. Incantations like Heal, Rejection, Dragonfire, and others will scale according to your Faith level.

The higher your Faith is, the more powerful your spells will be. It is recommended to reach Faith level 60 at least. Then all of your Elden Ring incantations will deal maximum damage to enemies and bosses. Certainly, it is also important to level up other stats like Mind.

If you don’t have high stats in this area, you may often run out of Mana and have to use Cerulean flash. To avoid this situation, you’d better take Mind to level 40 at least.

Stage 2: find Sacred Seals

Find and take Sacred Seals to perform the spell. They are the catalyst that you need to cast a spell. Multiple types of seals can be found in Elden Ring. Some can only be bought from vendors, while others can be obtained by killing enemies.

You need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each seal while making a decision. For instance, some seals can deal good base damage but won’t scale well with other stats.

Stage 3: get incantations

You need to add your incantations Elden Ring to your inventory and equip them before starting the casting process. There are several ways to gain incantations. The easiest way to get them is through exploration. They can also be bought from Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) like Brother Corhyn and D, and Hunter of the Dead.

Some Elden Ring incantations can be found in Prayerbooks around the world. Hidden locations and side areas contain one or more incantations, but they are guarded by powerful enemies. Choose a way to get incantations now!

Stage 4: add incantations to your inventory

After you get the incantations Elden Ring, you need to add them to your inventory or memory slots. If you want to increase the number of memory slots, you can visit various Rise towers to collect Memory Stones.

Step 5: equip the Sacred Seal

To equip an incantation, you need to memorize spells at a Site of Grace. After you collect the needed items, you can choose the spell you would like to cast from the HUD (heads-up display) during gameplay. Finally, tap the Attack button.


The Attack button varies on different devices.

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How to Use Incantations Elden Ring on Windows/PS5/Xbox

How to cast incantations Elden Ring? If you are bothered by this question, pay attention to this section. It shows you how to use incantations Elden Ring on Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox respectively. Follow the corresponding steps according to your device to use incantations Elden Ring.

Windows PC

  1. Press E to open your inventory.
  2. Equip a Seal in either hand.
  3. Press the upward pointing arrow to choose the desired spell.
  4. Cast the spell by pressing the left mouse


  1. Access the inventory by pressing the Options
  2. Equip a Seal in your main hand.
  3. Use the left and right D-pad buttons to cycle through your equipment and choose the desired spell.
  4. Press the RB button to cast the spell.


  1. Press the Menu button on the controller to access your equipment.
  2. Equip a Seal in either your main hand or offhand.
  3. Use the upper D-pad button to toggle the target spell.
  4. Press R1 to cast the selected spell.

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