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Why Cannot Delete Volume C in Windows 7 and How to Solve It

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    Question: since I am not allowed to install Windows 8 on the dynamic disk which has saved Windows 7, I’m planning to convert the dynamic disk to basic disk for dual boot. Now I have duplicated all important files saved on the dynamic disk except Windows OS (I don’t care Windows because I have a installation disc for reinstallation). Nevertheless, when deleting existing volumes as Microsoft tells, I found I cannot delete volume C with Windows 7 Disk Management utility. That is to say I am unable to convert the disk to basic. What should I do?

    Answer: indeed, deleting system or boot partition is not allowed in Disk Management if the corresponding OS is running since this kind of operations will cause the Windows unbootable, which is to protect system. But fortunately there are solutions. Firstly, it can be done in diskpart. Here, supposing volume C is numbered with 1 and on disk 0 (you can get disk number from disk management utility and partition number after listing partitions in diskpart). Detailed steps are as follows:
    Firstly, enter diskpart in Search programs and files box and run it as administrator (don’t click enter to run the program but right click it).
    Then, type the following commands successively, and every type ends with clicking on Enter key: List disk → select disk 0 → list partition → select partition 1 → delete partition override → exit. After these operations, volume C in Windows 7 will be deleted.

    Actually, there is a much easier solution when we cannot delete volume C in Windows 7, and it is to ask third party partitioning software for help. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good choice.

    How to Delete Volume C with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    After launching the program successfully we can see its main interface below:

    minitool partition wizard main interface

    Here, please select volume C and click “Delete Volume” feature from the left action panel. Note: since this volume saves Windows OS, the partitioning software will ask “are you sure that you want to delete this volume”. Confirm the operation and click “Yes” to continue.

    At last, click “Apply” button to perform all changes. After application is completed, the problem that Windows 7 Disk Management cannot delete volume C will be solved.

    As a matter of fact, you can convert dynamic disk to basic without deleting any volume, and the partitioning software MiniTool Partition Wizard is capable of doing this, too. Please see Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk for details.